Dodgers: Fans React on Social Media to Anthony Rendon’s Comments

On Saturday afternoon, while the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim held a news conference to officially announce the signing of Anthony Rendon to their club, the former Washington Nationals third baseman quickly provided Dodgers fans with material that will make him the butt of our jokes on social media for the foreseeable future.

Here are just a few of the reactions across Twitter in the minute and hours following the conference:

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It didn’t take long for a #HollywoodLifestyle hashtag to take on a life of its own, and several of our friends on Twitter provided us with these golden nuggets:



Within a record amount of time, RotoWear quickly started selling t-shirts:

(I’ll take mine in ladies’ M, please)

And then he talked about how badly he wanted to go to the White House…

…which produced the best suggestion of the day:

Gail Johnson

Biggest Dodgers fan north of the border, living about 3,500 miles from my beloved Boys In Blue, in Moncton, NB, Canada. I think Dodger Stadium is the happiest place on Earth. I'll catch up on my sleep in the off-season.


  1. The Dodger’s shuffle board philosophy and Roberts in particular are the reasons why Rendon and most other players do not find the Dodgers as an attractive team to play for.. Freidman and Robert’s mindset on how they run things is a turn off IMHO. That’s why he chose the Angels instead.

    1. Idiot, the Dodgers have won 302 games in three years. Friedman built it, and players love playing for Roberts. Freese and Utley postponed their retirements for this reason. Do you have proof that players don’t want to play fort Roberts? Do you have proof that any baseball player every declined to sign with a team because of the manager? The Dodgers make the playoffs; the Angels never do.

      1. I’d also throw in the dodgers had like 1 strict platoon last year… so that is clearly not an issue. Furthermore, the 2018 dodgers needed to be platooned or we never would have gotten to the WS

        1. Look what takes place EVERY time the Dodgers face a LHP.. We have a team were only a select few have equal enough splits against both pitchers. the 2018 Dodgers, according to many in baseball had no real business even being on the same WS field with Boston, and we saw that they were no match. They got to that 2018 WS by being able to get by 2 very inexperienced playoff teams in Atlanta and the Brewers.

      2. Name calling shows your limited IQ I guess. Why then are players not wanting to sign here? On MLBN Harold Reynolds interviewed several players who were on the trading block or FA;’s a couple of off seasons ago and they all told him they didn’t want or hoped not to be traded to this team for the way they managed the lineups on a daily basis. Rendon this year is proof. Dodgers make the playoffs playing in a current sub par division but when it comes to October, they are no match for those teams that have elite pitching. And others have mentioned pretty much the same thing as far as Dodgers not being an attractive draw.. So I guess losing 3 straight PS series (2WS) on their home field is OK with you? How about those fans and media people who cover Dodgers and baseball in general talking about how Roberts completely mis managed again in the PS when it matters the most. Freese and Utley of course were exceptions to that rule. Look at other’s comments on this page and others and see what they have to say to you..

      3. Here’s what another blog writer who’s been a fan for years and years of the Dodgers and what he had to say:
        “This proves that all of these “rumors” that the Dodgers are in on all these free agents are usually false. Normally it’s speculation from national writers or just fake buzz created by Friedman apologists and analytics fan boys. In truth, evidenced by him doing nothing (not signing any free agents or making any attempt to improve the pitching staff) for another winter. This time it seemed as if those fake Friedman mob based speculations possibly had some juice to them.”

      4. 302 wins and nothing to show for it. The Dodgers will NEVER will anything as long as Roberts is there PERIOD END OF STORY

  2. Could be Rendon knew he was going to get the money he wanted,I just feel he didn’t want to face the Washington Natinals Fans, he couldn’t take the way they may react , knowing how much they supported him and he left them.

  3. Perhaps we should change the name to the Hollywood Dodgers. You know to go with the lifestyle. Afterall LosAngeles sounds so ordinary. Regular folks live there an all!

  4. Mike Trout has played three playoff games in his entire career and collected a grand total of one hit. And if you think the Angels will make the playoffs in 2020 with that ragtag pitching staff, you’re deluding yourself. Go ahead. Win the Freeway Series. The Dodgers will otherwise win 100-plus games and the Angels will struggle to reach .500.

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