Dodgers: Fans React to Finally Returning to Dodger Stadium

A year ago, stadiums and businesses closed down as the coronavirus pandemic raged throughout the country. Now, they are finally slowly starting to reopen, and Dodger Stadium will be bringing fans back. So, what does this mean? What restrictions will we temporarily see? Are fans ready to be back at the stadium? 

The State of California has decided to reopen outdoor stadiums, but only at a limited amount. This means that for the time being, Dodger Stadium will only be able to be at 33% capacity, which is approximately 18,000 tickets on opening day. However, social distancing requirements have that number closer to 15,000.

There will be restrictions that fans are going to have to abide by. All guests will have to wear masks, continue to socially distance, and are asked to stay in their seats the majority of the time. Still, the question is, are fans feeling safe enough to return to the ballpark?

In a recent poll question posted on Dodgers Nation’s Twitter, the majority of voters are absolutely ready.

Additionally, in an older poll on Twitter, fans were still willing but more vocal about why or why not.

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The baseball community has waited long enough and feels ready to support their team. Dodger fans, look forward to getting back into those seats and watching an incredible season!

Only if you’re able to get a ticket that is. 

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  1. Watching a game at Dodger stadium with a Dodger hotdog and cold beer. Life can’t be any better.

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