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Dodgers: There Are Still Tickets to the Home Opener, But It’s Going to Cost You

It’s safe to safe that every Dodgers fan in the country would love to be out at Chavez Ravine on Friday afternoon. With the team set to hold their World Series ring ceremony and host fans for the first time since 2019, it’s a big deal.

Unfortunately for fans, tickets have been sold out since almost the moment they went on sale in pods. The Dodgers were able to announce additional seats with California reopening, but the capacity is still very limited. 

The good news for Dodgers fans is that they still have a chance to buy tickets. Third-party sites like Stubhub and Gametime still have ticket availability if you’re trying desperately to go. The bad news is that it’s really going to cost you.

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Gametime has tickets available throughout the stadium and in various sections. At the moment, the cheapest available run for $235 for the lowest single ticket. If you’re looking to take someone with you, it’s going to cost $372 per ticket. But worth it to see your Dodgers…right?

Stubhub has a very similar situation, as expected. The cheapest ticket to go watch the Dodgers play on Friday run for $154 to sit in the reserve level. The problem is that those are 5-pod tickets, meaning they would need to be purchased in a bundle. So if you can find 4 friends to go with you, then it might come at a discount. 

Alternatively, the expensive tickets to the Dodgers home opener are wild. On Gametime, you can sit behind home plate with a friend for a whopping $1,333 per ticket. Stubhub has a similar offer of $1,367 per ticket, but you would need to buy 4 of them. 

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