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Dodgers Fans Share About the Changes They Would Make If They Owned the Team

Dodgers fans have not been shy about how they feel toward both Dave Roberts and the rest of the Dodgers administration after the team’s season ended last weekend.

So, we asked fans what changes they would implement if they were the owner. Here’s what they had to say.

Interesting. The Dodgers were able to sign Freddie Freeman, Tyler Anderson, and a few more pitchers last offseason plus they added Joey Gallo at the trade deadline but maybe it’s time for some fresh faces. There’s already been lots of talk about Aaron Judge signing with the Dodgers plus the possibility of Trea Turner and Justin Turner walking. 

“Out with the old, in with the new” might be an approach that the team plans to implement already according to Friedman. 

That excitement and emotion is something that fans have argued is heavily missing from the Dodgers’ current squad. Being humble is good and all but where’s the fun in that? A change in energy is very clearly needed and it would have been especially helpful during this recent postseason. 

Many fans think a change within the staff needs to take place as well and LA columnist David Plashcke would agree as well. However, it’s already made certain that Dave Roberts will be returning as the team’s skipper for the 2023 season so despite what the fans think, they’ll have to accept that he’ll be back.

All very valid answers but some fans are very passionate about the in-game experience as well…more specifically the food:

After how this past season ended, we can expect big changes (hopefully) from and maybe within the Dodgers front office. New players, new staff, and maybe new changes in the food could all be made possible this offseason. Let’s just hope the owner considers at least a few of these ideas. 

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Kristilyn Hetherington

Kristilyn is a student at Azusa Pacific University pursuing a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration on sports. She worked for her high school newspaper as Editor in Chief for three years and has been working here since July 2022. She also works for the Sports Information Office at her college and has served as a Student-Athlete Representative for the Student Government at APU. She was recently inducted into the National Journalism Honor Society, Kappa Tau Alpha, and has written a few pieces for the school newspaper and magazine. She's an avid sports lover and is excited to continue growing and learning in this field.


  1. I’m definitely looking for productive people at the plate and in the field. Let the Turner’s go along with Gallo, Bellinger and other 2nd stringers that were dead weight during the season and especially the last month. We don’t need strikeouts, how about contact hitters. Freddie is a living example of how to approach an at bat. Good bye Kimbrel, no thank you Kenley Jansen and definitely keep those who were sharp and earned a spot on next year’s roster.

    1. Agtrre with Everything but T. Turner. He had a bad stretch at the end. We let Seager walk for Turner, I don’t think it’s in the best interest to lose another all-star Shortstop. You have to think about how this team plays with the tot shift being banned and the deadened ball. TI lay the lack of motivation and fire in the players at Robert’s and insessent need to be the players friend. He needs to be able to kick some butt when necessary. I don’t think he has that skill.

      So with the shift in mind, I think the top 5 in the lineup is fine.
      RF Betts
      SS T.Turner
      1B Freeman
      C Smith
      3B/DH Muncy (He should have had elbow surgery)
      LF resign Pederson
      CF Outman/Pages
      DH /3B Vargas
      2B Lux

      With the bigger bags and more Lefty hits to right. The speed in the lineup is imperative. This lineup depending on pitching wins 100 games. Betts, Turner and Lux steal a minimum of 100 bases with the 2 pick off limit per batter. All of those close outs on the bases turn into runs and pressure of opponents pitching and defense. Most bases are stolen when pitchers are 1.6 seconds or more to the plate. We will get 25-30 more infield hits with speed alone.

      Fill in bench as needed, Bring up Cartaya when he is ready.

      Pitching resign Kershaw at same deal as this year if he stays. I don’t see him going to a rebuilding Texas team. The Bochy hire was one I was hoping Friedman would make.
      Throw 5×20 at Diaz and see if Prior can fix his off year struggles.

      SP Urias
      SP Kershaw
      SP Gonsolin
      SP Anderson
      SP May

      Add another starter short term for Buehlers return in 2024, or Break the bank for Ohtani at 7×40 in 2024.

      We have enough in the bullpen for innings 6-8.

  2. Umm… These fans’ ideas are legitimately terrible. I would change nothing. You cannot make this team better, other than maybe NOT have the pitching injuries they had. That can’t be controlled. I’m in complete agreement with their minimal action at the deadline. They one 111 freaking games.
    The only thing that hurt them was the BS new wild card format. That’s on them. They have to be better… but I’d do everything possible to bring back the same team for 2023.

    1. You coukd strengthen the bottom half of the lineup. Lux is fine, he can hit, but Belli Muncy and Taylor can’t all be in the lineup at the same time. Muncy has some upside if he starts walking and hitting homers and Taylor is a valuable utility player, Belli has too much swing and miss.

  3. Trade Gonsolin, don’t resign Bellinger, or J. Turner, get some better clutch right-handed hitters and figure out your right-handed starting pitching. Gonsolin’s career postseason stats: 8 appearances, 9.20 ERA, 14 IP, 18 H, 15 runs, 6 HR, 11 BB. J. Turner has historically been clutch in the playoffs but the last 2 years hit .100 (5 for 50).

    Coming off an injury or not, Gonsolin is the Carmelo Anthony of Dodger pitchers, great in regular season, but stinks in the playoffs. That’s not going to cut it, maybe he can figure it out on another team but I don’t think they can wait around. He wilts under the bright lights and they can’t wait around for him to figure it out (he’s like a better version of Ross Stripling – good in the regular season but you cant trust him to do anything for you in the playoffs and taking up a roster spot – a starting pitching roster spot at that).

    Yes he was coming off an injury but what if he was physically fine and showed it in bullpen sessions and simulated games leading up to it (I assume he was and why was he even starting if not ready) and was just mental. He has a career 2.50 ERA but a career 9.20 ERA in the playoffs. You can trade him for value – he’s under team control until 2027 and most rebuilding teams would love a good stable regular season quality starter. The Dodgers seemingly are always overloaded with lefty starters and need healthy available right-handed starters to neutralize some of the opposing righty hitters. Between Gonsolin, Buehler, and May they’ve had 0 right handed starters that have been effective or available (not to mention Bauer).

    If they don’t trade him, I predict we will have this same conversation next year about how he stunk again in the playoffs healthy or not.

    I don’t necessarily think that signing Judge or deGrom is the answer but proven playoff performers is what I think they need to focus on more.

  4. They will not do it but I would fire Roberts. I would not pick up Bellinger’s option nor J Turner’s. Bring Vargas, Outman, Amaya and Busch up along with Stone, Pepiot and possibly Jackson. Jackson pitched very well in relief last season could be the long man.
    A rotation of Urias, May, Gonsolin, and possibly Kershaw?. Grove, Pepiot or Stone will be good and cost controlled.
    Sign Thompson as a good fielding outfielder is always good to have especially if the do not pick up Bellinger.

  5. I think that our fans are the biggest babies in baseball. They also believe that had Dave Roberts done what they think he should have done that the outcome would have been better with absolutely nothing to support that position. I cannot see firing the top winning Manager in baseball and think that these really great players that we have would have hit. We had some really tough breaks on the pitching side this year and I don’t see how you are able to change the injury dynamic. We win at a rate that so many other fans wish there teams did. We are such knee jerk reactionaries. The pitcher’s did well, the hitters bats went cold at the wrong time. I trust Roberts and Friedman to work to continue to put a strong team on the field every year. Do I think that we will win it all every year? No!!!, This is so unrealistic. I am grateful and proud of the team I see go out on the field every year. I think that there will be changes made, that will make us even better, but I also understand that you have absolutely no control over injuries that are going to come every year.I hope we sign Trea and I hope any ideas of trading Will Smith are done away with immediately. I like our team, our coaching staff and our ownership group. Only one team out of 30 wins it all and we need to stop thinking that it will always be us.

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