Dodgers Fans Share Their Thoughts On Robot Umpires Once Again After Nightmare 9th

The Dodgers lost Sunday’s game in frustrating fashion and no, that’s not just because the bats were once again cold. Yesterday, home plate umpire Sean Barber saved his worst blown ball/strike calls for the 9th inning, thwarting any chance at a rally for LA. First, let’s look at his umpire scorecard.

The overall score is fine, but looking at those impactful missed calls will make you cringe. It’s also led to some fans calling for the introduction of “robot umpires” asap. TMLB has been testing the electronic strike zone for years and appears ready enough to go. Nearly 70% of fans who voted in a poll on our Twitter account believe it’s time for at least some form of the electronic strike zone.

Here are some of the reactions.

Sunday’s game in particular seems to have put some people over the edge.

It seems like a nice middle ground would be some form of reviewing or challenging calls.


I’m a believer of the human element of the game to a degree. But also, humans are kind of bad sometimes. The idea of challenges add another slow point to the game but I think everyone would rather see correct calls in big moments rather than another ump show.

Where do you stand on “robo umps?” Sound off in the comments below.

Clint Pasillas

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  1. Here’s my proposal; ump makes all ball/strike calls just like now; but wears an wrist device that tells him ball/strike using the auto system AFTER he makes the call. That way they get instant feedback to themselves so they know how far off or on they are. Allow mangers 2-3 challenges per game; since the ump would already know the “correct” call via the wrist device challenges should go quickly.

  2. The electronic umpire is absolutely needed. The quality of the umps calls behind the plate has gotten worse than ever as far as I have seen. The time for this has definitely come. It should be put into play for the entire game. There should be no arguments with this system. I think this is the one new change that should be put into use. It’s far more relevant than any of the other rule change they’ve done lately.

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