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Dodgers: Fernando Tatis Jr to Be Activated Tonight Against LA

The Dodgers and Padres series this season are going to be must-watch baseball. The 2 NL West teams and NL pennant favorites play their first series of the year tonight in San Diego, and all eyes will be on them.

Even the most casual baseball fan that saw Fernando Tatis Jr go down with an injury a few weeks assumed he was done for the year. The Padres superstar immediately grabbed at his shoulder after a huge swing and it appeared as though he could be done for the season. It looked so bad that Dodgers fans even took to Twitter to wish him the best. 

But by some miracle, Tatis Jr is set to return against the Dodgers tonight. He got the go-ahead after taking a successful batting practice session on Thursday with the team in Pittsburgh. This comes just a few days after health experts outside of the organization had declared him out for the season.

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Dodgers and Padres are much more entertaining with Tatis in the lineup, so his being back is great for the game. How he was able to overcome what looked to be a career-altering injury is beyond me. The 22-year-old shortstop suffered a subluxation of his lead arm resulting in a slight labrum tear.

Luckily, the tear did not require surgery. So the Padres and Dodgers can go head-to-head (almost) full strength tonight in San Diego. 

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  1. Desperation move could cost them later. Not very wise for the first matchup of the year, there’s bigger games later

    1. Pretty sure he told them…he was playing in this series but I agree probably too early for Tatis to come back…he makes the highlight play…but he is error prone 28 in 150 games…2 huge gaffes last night…no question not only the best ss on the field but the best player for either team is Seager..and unfortunately the Dodgers it seems will not hit the 300 mil mark to get him while the Yankees will go 344-355 mil…the Dodgers have a good Lux for the future..but he is no Seager…not even close

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