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Dodgers: First Look at Freddie Freeman Wearing Blue

The Dodgers got their man. After a long lockout and lingering free agency decision, they signed Freddie Freeman to a massive deal. The slugging first baseman is bringing his talent out to the west coast to join a Dodger lineup chalked full of stars. It’s going to be a very fun year, and hopefully, one where the offense dominates. 

Freddie arrived at Camelback Ranch today for his first day with the Dodgers. Cameras and reporters were lined up to welcome him as he walked in wearing a suit and carrying his glove in his hand. 

Later, we got our very first images of Freddie as a member of the Dodgers. He was seen talking to teammates, chatting it up with coaches, and was apparently introduced to the other players by prospect Carson Taylor. Taylor is an Atlanta native, so do with that what you will.

It’s hard to not look good in that blue, isn’t it? After donning the white and red of the Braves for so many years, Freddie comes over to the Dodgers and looks like he belongs. The Southern California kid has come home. 

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The Dodgers will play their first Cactus League game today, and Freddie is not expected to participate. But there is a very good chance he gets into games this weekend. 

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