Dodgers: First Look at Players Back at Dodger Stadium

Oh boy, have we missed days like these. On the first day that players were required to report to their teams, we got a look at some Dodgers players in action. A few players took to their social media pages to post videos of team workouts that got us hyped. 

The first vide of the day that we saw came from Dodgers’ pitcher Alex Wood. Woody posted a video of him throwing some gas to hitters out of a very quick windup. To say we’re excited to have this guy as our number FIVE guy in the rotation is an understatement. 

The next update we got came courtesy of Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner. JT posted a video of him presumably hitting one out with some added in crowd noise. Turner does a little bit of a slow trot to admire this one, as we all should. 

It’s not much, but it’s also just the first day back for the Dodgers. Players were all supposed to report today, but the first official workout for the team is not until Friday. It’s unknown at this point if media of any kind will be on hand for those workouts, so we might only be getting updates from players. 

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  1. The video of Justin Turner supposedly hitting one out has brought an idea. When the games at Dodger Stadium are played I hope the Dodgers actually pipe in crow noise for the TV viewers to hear that would be awesome and also might give a charge to the players

  2. Yes our Boys are coming home. Now I can Hear Vin Scully with his ” Now It’s Time For DODGER BASEBALL “

    1. I’m surprised by people who claim to be true Dodgers fans and especially of Vin Scully.
      He says “it’s time for Dodger Baseball”
      Yes you said one word too many but it MATTERS when you quoted someone who is THE GREATEST DODGER OF ALL TIME.

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