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Dodgers Top MLB’s First Power Rankings

The MLB season just hit its first official day as players start to report for Spring Training 2.0, but we already have power rankings. As expected, your Los Angeles Dodgers are right there at the very top. 

The New York Yankees come in at number two having added Gerrit Cole into the mix. But the Dodgers, with the help of Mookie Betts and David Price, appear to be the early favorites in baseball. MLB pundit Alyson Footer had this to say about the intimidating Los Angeles roster.

The Dodgers appear to have avoided their worst nightmare — trading for Mookie Betts, not having a season, and losing the All-Star to free agency without him playing a single game. Now they will attempt to make these 60 games as meaningful as they expected the 162-game season to be pre-pandemic. The Dodgers are, as they always are, loaded for a big year. Betts gives them a second MVP in the lineup next to Cody Bellinger, and lefty David Price should settle in nicely as the No. 3 behind incumbents Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler.

While everyone in baseball is excited to see what this Dodgers’ offense can do, their pitching shouldn’t be overlooked. A starting rotation that includes Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and David Price as their top three could be scary good. Add in Julio Urias to the number four spot along with a revamped Alex Wood to the fifth spot, and you have a rotation that could potentially be better than the Yankees. 

You also cannot forget the depth, which is always the name of the game in Los Angeles. Just looking at the Dodgers’ starting rotation, there are at least nine guys on the 40-man roster that could be in the rotation. Los Angeles also has the added advantage of being entirely prepared for the universal Designated Hitter, with guys like Edwin Rios and Matt Beaty fighting for at-bats. 

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  1. R we ready to anoint LA Gods of the NL West now? SD might have something to say about that. Good rotation and scary good bullpen. Both teams will probably make the postseason, but in a short series? Very unpredictable if youse ask me.

    1. The Padres are actually ready to win now I don’t understand people who think they’re a few years away. Like you said they have a solid rotation and very good bullpen and that lineup is actually deeper than people think. As far as power rankings go it’s completely worthless most years in predicting a champion but I guess if someone likes to get giddy over their teams spot on these rankings then good for them, seems like these writers and some fans do. We’ve been at or near the top the last 7 years hasn’t meant a thing, the Yankees are always there too. Most of the time a team that’s not ends up winning it all

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