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Dodgers: Former GM Convinced Mookie Betts Will Stay in LA

One of the biggest worries for Dodgers fans, other than the obvious loss of a baseball season, lies with their newest superstar. Mookie Betts could potentially become a free agent after the 2020 season, regardless of whether or no any games are played. 

The good news is that many in baseball feel the Dodgers will go after Betts heavily in his free agency. Jim Bowden, a former MLB  general manager, gave his thoughts on Mookie Betts staying in Los Angeles. 

If you gave me a choice of Betts or Bryce Harper, I’m taking Betts. If you gave me a choice between Betts or Machado, I’m taking Betts. He’s an exception to me, I’m gonna find ways to pay him if I’m the Dodgers. I’m just gonna find ways.

There are no doubts in the minds of Dodgers fans that they would like Mookie around for the long haul. Looking at other possible competition, there are likely only a handful of teams out there that will even be able to afford Mookie patrolling right field. 

I’m not saying I’m gonna give him Trouts deal, and I understand he wants more than Harper and I think he gets more. Now the question is, the Dodgers didn’t pay Harper in terms of length and dollars. Are they gonna do it for Betts? I don’t know the answer to that…

The monetary compensation pales to the length of a deal for the Dodgers. They balked at Bryce Harper because they wanted to offer a higher annual average on a shorter deal. Harper eventually got a 13-year deal worth $330 million with Philadelphia. 

Would the Dodgers be willing to go longer-term to keep Mookie around? There are a few problems with that idea, especially considering the young talent in Los Angeles. Cody Bellinger, Walker Buehler, and Corey Seager are all young guys that are going to have to be paid in the coming years. Something to think about when considering Mookie. 

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  1. and that is why he is a “Former GM” Betts has not proven he can be great in the NL, without the beni of the DH, small azz ball parks….I would not have given up Ver do go for him…

  2. Considering Baseball may never be played again, and if it is, it will not be with fans in the stands.. so consider this. Players need to realize that the 3,000,000 plus fans who have filed into Dodger stadium every year, spending on average $150 per fan.. well, that is $450,000,000 lost. Players are stupid, I mean really, they are stupid. If they do not play baseball, they flip burgers.. so, it will be hard for them to understand that they need to take a pay cut.. as fans are no longer in the equation, and as this goes on longer, for persons like me, if baseball was never played again.. I can live with that.. I just want to make sure that myself and family members stay healthy.. If that includes more TV drama’s via CGI creation and the loss of sports, well so be it..

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