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Dodgers: Former GM Thinks LA Makes These Two Big Moves at the Winter Meetings

Tis the season for the Dodgers and MLB teams to start thinking about making moves for their 2021 rosters. With the Winter Meetings set to take place late next week, the chatter around the league is starting to hear up.

Former MLB General Manager Jim Bowden recently gave his take on what will happen at the Winter Meetings for National League teams. In his mind, the Dodgers could make two HUGE moves to bolster their already powerful roster. 

Trade Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray, and Jacob Amaya for Nolan Arenado

Bowden has been the main advocate and driving force behind the Arenado to LA rumors. And while the likelihood of it actually happening remains low, he did essentially guarantee it would happen by Christmas. This trade would send the Dodgers’ two top prospects away in Ruiz and Gray, while also sending out their number 10 prospect. Ruiz has become less untradeable as time has gone on, but never more so than this year. The deal would also fill the needs of Colorado, given that they lack young, projectable pitching. Will it happen? My guess is still no. 

Sign Liam Hendriks to a Three-Year Deal Worth $42 Million

This deal proposed by Bowden makes much more sense for what the Dodgers would like to do. Los Angeles needs arms to fill out the bullpen, and Hendriks could do that in a big way. Given how the early free-agent reliever market is shaping out, Hendriks will likely get an offer around this figure. At $14 million a year, he could prove to be a huge addition to the pen. Joe Kelly also has a team option in 2022, so his money could be coming off of the books sooner rather than later. Add in the fact that Kenley Jansen’s contract expires after the 2021 season, and you have the perfect addition in Hendriks. 

Of the two potential moves, the Hendriks signing seems much more likely. The problems with an Arenado trade might be too much to overcome for the division rivals, and adding him in complicates long-term contracts with other players. If anything, expect a good reliever to be signed by the Dodgers by the time December is up.

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  1. Yeah, Ruiz and Gray is too high a precise for a player that either (a) will opt out after one year or more likely (b) require the Dodgers to renegotiate his contract in order to stay on past 2021.

    As far has Hendricks, I guess I would rather see a three-year deal for a reliever on the other side of 30. It just seems like relievers fall off the cliff faster than just about anyone else in baseball. He might be great for the next three years. But the odds are against that. Shedding the contracts for Jensen and Kelly isn’t going to mean much if the Dodgers are wishing they could “shed” Hendricks’ contract as well.

    1. yeah dude, I hate it when the precise gets that high. They would have to send over half the Arenado salary for two MLB-ready primo prospects like that

  2. Bowden doubles down and that’s just what the Dodgers should do: trade away 3 top 10 prospects including 1 and 4 for a player that immediately puts them over the tax and makes extending their own stars impossible while kicking their club house leader to the curb without making an offer. And this for a player with at least questionable offensive production away from Denver who can leave after one year with his opt out. Well at least he didn’t add May, Gonsolin, and Lux to mix as well. Seriously I want some of what he’s smoking.

        1. No cannot remember simply because he has never been correct! He was a reject as a GM and found his calling as a blogger without value! Those are a Penny a gazillion!! Fools us this era outnumber the rest a million to one! Check the woke angle!!

  3. No to Arenado. Too much investment. Too little return. Just Resign JT. Yes to looking into Hendriks, along with Hand, Hader, and anyone else who can provide back end bullpen support, which is our biggest exposure. No to Bowden. Is he ever right? Yes to Friedman. I think he’s on a roll, and will make the right moves.

  4. The one problem I have is giving up Gray. I just don’t like giving up a possible ace before we know what we really have. A one or a two starter is hard to come by. We also have a promising third baseman in the minors that is only a couple of years away. I do think Arenado would do better than many think in LA. Also kinda think his contract with Dodgers would work out well for both Arenado and the Dodgers.

  5. It should be remembered that Bowden is the same dum-dum who predicted when the Dodgers traded away Puig, that their run of NL West titles was over, and Puig would become a superstar. He makes idiotic predictions every year, and he is wrong 99 percent of the time.

  6. Just love JT. But… The reality is, if he’s looking for more than 1 yr + a team option, then he’s heading to the AL and DH world. The look of deep frustration on Arenado’s face these last few yrs, says it all. He HATES losing in Denver. Bring him home to SoCal with this lineup & he will light this place up.

  7. Stupid trades like this is one of the many reasons Jim Bo-dung is a FORMER GM…Arenado can opt out next year if he wants to be a Dodger…do I want him…No…his splits suck, if we wanted just great D…resign Kiki….
    Dodgers should score big in trade with Brewers…Resign Turner, and give Rios playing time there 2 or 3 times a week…No DH, this upcoming year, as Ownership wants to use it as a chip in talks concerning new agreement…oh and frsco sucks…

  8. This is off the subject, but did I read that some “writer” wants us to trade for Evan Longoria? Probably just a dream. I’d rather sign Ron Cey.

  9. This guy Bowden is untethered to reality. No wonder he is out of a job, and into the false rumor business.

  10. Bowden is smoking some wild stuff! Bottom line is, now that we have Corey Knobel, Andrew needs to resign Turner, I bet he can get Mr. Jake “finish a inning” McGee for cheap and buy or trade for a BIG righthanded BAT! Lot of people love Lux, this past 60 game season he was a bust and I could see him being a utility role player, however not an everyday starter.

  11. Everyone seems to forget Freidman wanted two relievers and a right handed power bat. The only options I see that fit that are Bryant, Arenado, or Lindor. I think Bryant is the one to get. Turner is done. Finished. He´s not a scary player anymore, and it showed with just 4 homeruns, his below average defense, his age, and he missed two weeks due to another injury. In a regular season that´s about 5 weeks, or 25 games. And he hit .250 this postseason. The decline already started, and Bryant is a good bounceback option, at makes the same as he does, and is a Right-Handed Power Bat. The other reliever to get is Brad Hand. 10M is worth it for him, and the Indians are some cheapskates. Their loss should be our gain. I would propose a trade of Tony Gonsolin and ZachMcKinstry to CHC for Bryant.

  12. Dodgers will sign JT to a 2 year contract unless JT wants to go somewhere else for big money. Arenado opts out after 2021 and will sign with the Dodgers. JT plays 2nd base on the 2nd year as Dodgers try to develop Lux or Michael Busch. Then JT has final contract with an AL team where he can be a full-time DH.

    Or JT leaves now with a nice contract. Dodgers give Rios/Taylor 3B and use that extra money for a frontline starting pitcher.

    After 2021, Dodgers try to resuscitate Noah Syndergaard’s career and signs him as a free agent to replace David Price.

    We can dream and fantasize.

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