Dodgers: Former Outfielder Claims Half the League Cheated Like the Astros

The Houston Astros cheating scandal that rocked baseball will forever be looked at as a stain on the game of baseball. It forever changed how fans view that 2017 World Series and Dodgers fans have had a very hard time letting it go. Given that they stole away a title, that’s understandable. 

But even though all of that time has passed and many of the players from that team have moved on, fans and players are not done talking about it. That would include former Dodgers outfielder Steven Souza Jr, who got into it with fans on Twitter about the scandal. 

Souza responded to a fan that had said the Astros’ Jose Altuve was his least favorite player in baseball. He added that there were some really good people playing for Houston, and responded with this little gem when someone brought up the cheating. 

“I know you don’t wanna hear this but those Astro guys are actually some really good human beings over there. …I’m not going to get into all that but you should know that if you think Houston was the only team with a sign-stealing system you’re dead wrong.”  

The good news for Dodgers fans is that Souza later added that he wasn’t necessarily talking about teams that he had played on. That doesn’t completely clean their name, but it does instill at least a little bit of confidence in their integrity. 

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Still, the fact that a current player said that more than half of the teams in baseball are cheating is significant. The league is doing what it can to crack down on sign-stealing, including adding devices for pitchers and catchers to communicate. But it’s only a matter of time before some teams are motivated to find a way around it. 

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  1. Defenders of the Astros keep saying “everyone cheated”. Yeah, we know that, for decades runners at 2nd base ‘looked-in’ and tried to relay signs to the hitter and there have been other creative methods.

    But the Astros took it to a whole new level with video cameras, moniors in the dugout, and several ways to communicate with hitters which included electronic devices. All setup in their home ballpark and used in two or three Post-Seasons and World Series.

    Big difference from “everybody”.

    1. You are right it’s different from the man on second base looking at the catcher which a lot of teams have done ,but high powered cameras with vibrating devices that altuve wore and banging on that trash can once a camera man relays what pitch is dirty af , and not what most teams are doing so Jr get the f out of here w that bs

    2. Yeah and so did the Red Sox, Mariners & Yankees that I’ve read about. I’m sure if anyone did dig a little bit further, you can find instances of each team trying to somehow illegally gain an edge. One player even said, if your team wasn’t cheating in some way, you weren’t trying to win. There are certain teams tho, that are the MLB’s big market, fave teams, that only ever get barely mentioned about their scandals and then it gets shoved under the rug. You can’t tell me the LA Dodgers’ Pitching Staff (at the very least) didn’t know about Bauer’s cheating. But did anyone try to stop him, no, they took the wins. And then it disappeared. The Red Sox cheated, got caught, penalized and then it was basically gone. The media didn’t have the same field day as with the Astros. And the Yankees’ Letter, still haven’t seen the complete doc, most likely nobody ever will. And the media has dropped it. See a pattern here? The media continue to focus on the Astros. How about let’s start hating on the Black Sox again!?! THEY “changed baseball forever” too!! Imo, AJ Pollack is weak minded, probably never told an off joke, never in his life made a mistake, never put tar up past 18″ on his bat. So Mr. Perfect Pollack, how do you sleep at night knowing you’re the only perfect baseball player to ever grace an mlb field/dugout? And never played on any team that cheated. That’s a heavy burden.

  2. The Astros did what every team will do sooner than later with the addition of the electronic signal being used by some this season. Every team will employ a hacker with a menial job title.

    1. You’re obviously not reading the article. He said half the league cheating THE way the Astros did.

  3. There is a point in life when it is time to just shut up. Souza obviously doesn’t know this.

  4. The way to stop this kind of cheating is to come down on it HARD when it is detected. You can’t pussy-foot around with it like Manfred did. Make the punishment so severe that teams will not take the chance on getting caught. A player on second base stealing signs is one thing and has been going on as long as the game has been played. Electronic cheating is another matter and should result in suspensions, loss of draft picks and ASTRO-nomical fines. (pun intended) But you gotta have a commissioner with a backbone.

    1. Absolutely correct! Not even a little bit of a consequence for stealing the WS… and the Season, they admitted to cheating just to get to the WS ?
      I’m watching the Dodger’s 2nd game with the Twins right now… certain Astricks I just can’t stand watching ????

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