Dodgers: Freddie Freeman is Heading Toward ‘Really Scary’ Territory at the Plate

As you may know, Freddie Freeman has been on an absolute tear all season for the Dodgers. The All-Star infielder has scored 63 times off 117 hits, posting a .324 batting average (3rd best in the major leagues) and .401 on base percentage (currently 6th best in the MLB). 

With those kinds of numbers, Dave Roberts is feeling very content with the club’s decision to sign the So Cal native this past offseason. After being with the Atlanta Braves for 12 seasons, Freeman was starting to become very dangerous in the batter’s box. 

During his 2021 campaign, he scored 120 runs with 180 hits and collected 83 RBI’s alone. He posted a .300 batting average and .393 OBP. The Braves went on to win the 2021 World Series. 

The Dodgers picked him up at the perfect time and Freeman fit into the lineup flawlessly. 

In a recent interview with MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM, Roberts had this to say on Freeman. 

“Early on he was good, collecting hits, and now he’s opened up the field…you saw with the homer the other night…if he continues to open the other side of the field, he’s going to be scary…I don’t know if there’s a guy in baseball I would rather have with players in scoring position than Freddie freeman.”

In last night’s game, Freeman went 2-4 with a run scored, helping the team to a 5-1 victory over the Giants. 

If Freeman keeps hitting like this, Dave Roberts will be absolutely correct… things will get quite scary for teams in the postseason. And, he might just help the Dodgers to a title like he did with his former team. 

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