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Dodgers: Freddie Freeman’s Former Teammate Say He ‘Won’t Miss’ Him in Atlanta

Opening Day is upon us, but not without a little good old-fashioned controversy. This time, it includes Dodgers’ first baseman Freddie Freeman and former Braves teammate Ronald Acuña Jr. The two played together in Atlanta from the time that Acuña came up in 2018.

But Acuña spoke about Freddie Freeman on an Instagram Live session last night. He talked about Freddie leaving for the Dodgers, and there was a little clip that made its way around the internet. That clip came when Acuña was asked if he would miss Freddie with the Braves. 

Acuña responded that he would not miss anything about Freddie, much to everyone’s surprise. He talked about the Dodgers first baseman and hinted at why he did not miss him at all. (translation courtesy of ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez)

“When you come up as a rookie, there’s always somebody who wants to stick it to you. You come with your swagger from the minor leagues. You do your eyeblack . . . your sunglasses, your hat a little crooked. A lot of people look at it as wrong and I don’t look at it as wrong because it’s part of the game. So, a lot of veterans stuck it to me, when I came up in 2018, a lot of them stuck it to me.”

Acuña never directly said that Freeman was one of the veteran players to wipe the eyeblack off of her face. But he does seem to hint at it given the context of the question. He said that being a rookie, he did not speak up about it. And that’s why he won’t miss the Dodgers slugger. 

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Interestingly enough, Acuña denied saying some of these things in a Twitter response late last night. The Braves and Dodgers meet up for the first time this year on April 18th at Dodger Stadium

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