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Dodgers Free Agency: MLB Insider Says Pitcher Will Smith to LA is Ideal Fit

It’s no secret the Dodgers need bullpen help and because of that, they’re going to be linked to nearly every available reliever.

In an article for, Mark Feinsand called relief pitcher Will Smith an ideal fit for the Dodgers.

Here is what Feinsand said of Smith and the Dodgers:

The Dodgers’ bullpen ranked fourth in the Majors during the regular season with a 3.78 ERA, but the unit was exposed in the postseason (6.75 ERA), making the relief corps a focus for Los Angeles this offseason. Kenley Jansen had a career-high eight blown saves, so while he is likely to remain as the closer, adding a proven late-inning arm such as Smith — who converted 34 of 38 save opportunities while striking out 13.2 batters per nine innings — would help bolster the back end of the bullpen.

Smith, 30, is coming off an All-Star season as the Giants’ closer. In 65 1/3 innings, he posted a 2.76 ERA, 3,23 FIP, 13.22 K/9 and 2.89 BB/9. In his career, he has pitched to a 3.53 ERA and 3.29 FIP in 410 2/3 innings.

He would be a big upgrade to the Dodgers’ bullpen and give them the shutdown left-handed reliever they have been struggling to find. There is also the added?—and very important?—benefit that the Dodgers would be able to have reliever Will Smith throw to catcher Will Smith.

Still, it’s hard to imagine the Dodgers paying a third big-money reliever after Kenley Jansen opted-in to his contract and after signing Joe Kelly last season.

If they do make a move for the bullpen, I would expect it to be for someone like Drew Pomeranz, who will be cheaper while still providing a lot of upside.

Blake Williams

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  1. We all knew Jansen would not opt out of his contract I do not mean any disrespect to him,but nobody else would want him.The new r( 2020 )as far as I know the reliever must pitch to at least three batters Jansen would really put the game out of reach if that happens Dodgers lose.If Jansen made a come back that would be great !!! But don’t see it happening , hitters to smart and quicker only spring training will tell and the Dodgers have to be honest about it if Jansen doesn’t have it ,enough of being the nice guy and he should face reality. “GOOD LUCK JANSEN.”

    1. The relief pitcher will have to face 3 batters but if he finishes an inning with pitching to only 1 or 2, then OK because he does not have to come back the next inning to face a 3rd batter.

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