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Dodgers Free Agency Rumors: Kevin Kiermaier Signs with Blue Jays

There is still no answer for who the Dodgers are going to roll with in centerfield next season. Among the top names that have circulated around the organization was Kevin Kiermaier, a centerfielder that presented the same risks as Cody Bellinger but for a cheaper price. However, the rumors are now settled as Kiermaier finds his new home with the Blue Jays, pending a physical.

Unlike the Dodgers, the Blue Jays decided to move swiftly after losing their bid on Brandon Nimmo wbo returned to the Mets. Their answer was Kiermaier who became a free agent after the Rays declined a $13 million option.

The Dodgers are back to square one again as it seems like a long shot that the team goes with newly acquired Jason Heyward come opening day. The market continues to be depleted but perhaps the team is content with looking to some of their young players to step it up.

The team is still full of leaders and has a respectable enough roster to make some noise. 111 wins was fun while it lasted, but at the end of the day the ultimate goal is to win championships and perhaps Kiermaier wasn’t enough to move the needle.

The regular season may not be as pretty, but if the Dodgers can make some noise during the postseason, or perhaps make another move ahead of the trade deadline during the regular season, no love will be lost.

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  1. Why in the world would you want a player 32 years old who can only play defense??????
    Even if Cody was more expensive, he could still hit a home run!!!!! Give a rookie a chance! Writers are just that, writers not judges of talent for a roster. Being a Dodger fan since 1959, please don’t give us another Darrell Thomas!

  2. I can’t live with that. Center field is too important. Thompson or Outman should earn the right to play center field. Right now, it’s Friedman’s responsibility to fill our center field needs. Perhaps it may be Outman or Thompson some day, but not yet. … Btw, Mr Cabrera, I liked Darrell Thomas. He was a royal pain in the back side of Tommy Lasorda. However, Lasorda did respect Darrell for his ability to play any place. Also, he really did keep the clubhouse loose. And, to this day, he’s remains a “good guy”.

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