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Dodgers: Gabriel Iglesias Comments On Having the First Ever Comedy Show at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium has been the home of the Boys in Blue since its completion in 1962. While its main use has been to field MLB games, it’s also been used to hold concerts, an LA King’s game, an occasional private dinner date for Drake, as well as smaller events for charity. The one event it has not yet been used for is a comedy show. That is until next year. 

The for the first time ever, Dodger Stadium will hold a comedy show headlined by the one and only Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias on May 7, 2022. 

Being the first comedian to perform at Dodger Stadium has to be quite the honor, especially for an LA native and lifelong Dodger fan. He addressed what it means to him while on The Cruz Show.

“It means more than anything. The fact that it’s at home – this is the biggest show of my life and it’s happening at home. If it goes well, awesome. If I bomb, then it’s a short drive.”

Fluffy is already showing off his humor before the big event next year, but he also mentioned the possible struggle with performing at such a big and open venue. For a comedian, timing is everything, yet he’ll have to tackle that issue when the time comes.

“There’s nothing I can really do to prep. The show is going to be set like the material is already set for the show, I can only tighten it more for the show but there’s no way you can practice. It doesn’t matter what arena you play, because that’s what we’re doing right now is an arena tour, the timing on that is hard enough so to multiply that by basically two is going to be like a second and a half to two-second delay.”

Iglesias also mentioned that his friends Martin Moreno and Alfred Robles, also comedians, would be a part of the show with the possibility of there being a special guest revealed later on.

Pre-sale for tickets is now open so grab some seats and witness history and a great show at Blue Heaven on Earth.


  1. Really this is who gets the first one? What a travesty. If you’re trying to make it a Hispanic then go with Felipe Esparza

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