Dodgers Rumors: Should LA Trade for Frankie Montas? Pulling off a Blockbuster Deal With A’s

With the Oakland A’s reportedly listening to offers for their top starting pitchers, the Dodgers could be a potential suitor for talented right-hander, Frankie Montas. Montas, 28, spent time in the Dodgers minor league system in 2016, after being included in a three-team trade that sent Todd Frazier to the White Sox and José Peraza, Brandon Dixon and Scott Schebler to the Cincinnati Reds. Montas’ brief stint with the Dodgers was marred by injuries and he was ultimately shipped to Oakland along with Jharel Cotton, and Grant Holmes in exchange for Josh Reddick and Rich Hill.

Montas has had his ups and downs in Oakland. The right-hander had a disappointing 2020 season where he finished with a 5.60 ERA through 53 innings pitched, but bounced back strong in 2021, finishing with a 3.37 ERA, 3.64 xFIP, 1.18 WHIP, 26.6% K%, 7.3% BB%, in 187 innings of work. Frankie was especially impressive towards the end of year, where he posted a 1.59 ERA, 0.94 WHIP through his final 8 starts, earning him ‘Pitcher of the Month’ honors for September.

The 28-year-old’s four-pitch mix features a plus four-seam fastball averaging 96.4 MPH,  a plus sinker averaging 96.2 MPH, as well as a filthy split-finger fastball that he used to retire 26.4% of the hitters he faced last season and a nasty slider. We discuss if the Dodgers should make a move for Montas and if he’s capable of being a frontline starter on a World Series contending team.

Plus, who would the Dodgers have to include in a deal for Montas and could LA consider a blockbuster deal with the A’s for Montas and Matt Olson.


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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. I would rather trade for Tyler Glasnow, Shane Bieber, Trevor Rogers, Kyle Hendricks, Max Fried, Taijuan Walker, Stephen Strasburg, or Brandon Woodruff. Any one of those guys would work. I put them in order from most likely traded to least likely traded. These are just my opinions.

      1. And it’s what it would cost in a deal as to how much more of the farm teams would want. They all know Dodgers are in big need for starting pitch so I guess wss.

        1. I would be OK with letting Gonsolin go if needed. I believe the Dodgers really need to pay what it takes to sign Freddy Freeman. Make him an offer that he can’t refuse and let him finish his career back home in California! ????????

        2. Frustrated with what? Winning a championship in a full season in front of fans with an actual manager?

    1. Glasnow is a choke artist and Hendricks is washed up. Walker is overrated. I’d go for any of the others

      1. Fried is staying, but Hendricks can still deliver Innings and get you through 5. I’d take him over Kershaw right now. Glasnow isn’t much…..Maybe Hendricks is ONLY good against the Launch Angle teams……

  2. Montas has been on a zig zag between injuries and the big club until last year. Hendricks is the guy to ask about. Had an off year after a solid stretch of years. The big problem is he would maybe cost a pretty penny. Edwin Rios, Lux and a upper echelon minor leaguer. He is signed for 3 years. But to me, he stays with Chicago after they signed Stroman. We should stay away from trades for now. Miller and Pepiot? White and Jackson? Gonsolin? One or two of these guys could make a big leap. To get a decent pitcher who is established–one of these guys probably has to go. So free agency is where we should stay. Re-sign Clayton. Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin, Heaney, May in July maybe. And maybe one of the aforementioned 4 guys?We still have Price for fall back. We have good hitting. Better fielding with Turner at SS. Better fielding with Lux at second. Bellinger light years better. Shoulder healed. Leg healed. Rib healed. And more time with his defense in center. Rios back for depth. We had bullpen games every rotation cycle from August on last season. Give the ball to a youngster. See what happens.

  3. It probably would not be good strategy, but just start the season with the following starters: Urias, Buehler, Gonsolin, Miller and Pepiot and hopefully a healthy Kershaw. What if it works? Just something else to talk about for another few months. Ya know, this strategy worked for the 1969 Mets. Perhaps an unfair comparison. Just grasping at straws.

    1. I’m not quite sure that Gonsolin has what it takes to be a starter that can give ya any length. Yes, he had shoulder issues last year but I would consider other options.

      1. Gonsolin had his chances. he apparently has somethingwrong with his mechanics tokeep causing thesame injury. Problem is he doesn’t have much trade value now either and we know how Friedman likes pithcers with their arms in a sling!

  4. lol

    You forgot Gerrit Cole, Zach Wheeler, Corbin Burns… lol

    You guys on here are pretty funny. Honestly.

  5. Dump Seager. if you say he was playing hurt, then dump Roberts for continuing t send him out there to strike out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Nah, that would have been Bellinger!!! There was a stretch Bellinger went through where he went 2-54, struck out 35 times, and left 50 runners on base. So Drrrrrrrrrr decided to bat him clean Up!!!! Incredible !!! How many games did we lose by? Joe wants me to be more positive regarding Drrrr, so I won’t call him a Blooming I#$%^ , or inept or anything like that…

  6. uhh, seager is gone. if you were TRYING to say dump bellinger…why? yes, he was playing injured, but now he’s got the whole offseason to get healthy…and he PERFORMED in the playoffs. yeah, sounds like the PERFECT time to get rid of him…when he’s queued up to have the healthiest season since his MVP year.

    as for pitching, i’m just waiting for this offseason to play out. so, first, they need to sign a new CBA…then let’s see what we end up with before we start worrying about trades. who knows, there are a dozen or more possibilities that we just cannot know yet.

  7. Freddie will stay in Atlanta. Gonsalin can’t go more than a few innings. Must sign Tre. Kershaw is very iffy. Must come up with another starter. What happens with Kenley? Lots of questions! We will see.

  8. And freeman? No need and not worth who we have to lose, without freeman then deal

  9. I would be OK with letting Gonsolin go if needed. I believe the Dodgers really need to pay what it takes to sign Freddy Freeman. Make him an offer that he can’t refuse and let him finish his career back home in California! ????????

  10. Prince has been lobbying hard for Freeman. I’d be all for Freeman but the reality is the Dodgers are returning to the pre “ALL in ” mantra where Burned up dumpster dives and developing the youth is going to be front and center. They know the should have been dynasty is over. When Friedman’s 1st move was a 5.00 ERA starter in Heaney, his 2nd was a 8.00 ERA minor leaguer, 3rd was a 200 hitting outfielder, while he was supposedly in a bidding war with Boras, it’s not hard to determine that the Winters big moves were all made. Heaney is the replacement for Scherzer, the minor leaguer was his new Mckinney, and his 8.00 Bullpen pick up was Knebel’s replacement. We’ve seen this movie before and it most certainly doesn’t favor picking up a 300 million contract that Freeman is worth…Chances of picking him up are moot, but it goes for good talking points for us fans.

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