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Dodgers: Giants Fans Hurl Beer Cans at Umpires Following Game 5 Loss

The National League Division Series between the Dodgers and Giants ended about the worst way it possibly could for fans in San Francisco. Deciding the game on a very close checked swing call is tough to swallow, but especially so with the tying run on base. 

Naturally, the fans up in the Bay Area did not respond very well to the close call. They even started throwing things onto the field as the Dodgers celebrated their victory out on the mound. But they were not aiming at Los Angeles players or staff. 

Instead, Giants fans took out their frustrations on the umpiring crew. You can see in the clip posted to Twitter that they started to hurl beer cans and cups towards the officials as they jogged off of the field with the Dodgers celebrating in the background. 

Police had to quickly escort the umpires off of the field as the unwelcomed beer shower rained down on them. It’s unfortunate given the nature of the close call, especially looking at every angle and realizing the call could have gone either way. But the Dodgers won. 

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It’s hard to remember that umpires are human sometimes. But when a play like that is not reviewable and relies on an umpire being locked in to the batter while also focusing on first base, that’s tough. Dodgers win and Giants lose, move on. 

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  1. Giants’ fans…bad form. But what else would you expect from pompous, arrogant a-holes?

  2. “relies on an umpire being locked in to the batter ”

    And its the 9th, two outs, two strikes…

    He was on his last strike and on borrowed time anyway.

  3. As soon as they showed Barry “ mr Steroids Bond” on tv I knew we were going to win. The Giants fans still idolize the cheater who will never be enshrined in the Baseball hall of fame. Bonds was seeing Lance Armstrong’s Dr. If the baseball Gods are just we will face those cheating Astros and stomp the living ?out of them!

    Tommy Lasorda, Mom’s Apple pie, Dodgers.

    1. Don, EXACTLY! Single biggest baseball travesty ever! Bob Manfred I hate you for destroying the integrity of baseball!

  4. The San Fransicko Battery Chucks. Take the L and make yourselves useful by picking up the human feces.

  5. Typical actions from the POS fans that they have See you in the spring! ? LMAO! What ever happened to the Dr. Ocean tweets? What a jackass!

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