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Dodgers: Dave Roberts and Max Scherzer Talk What Comes Next Ahead of NLCS Game 1

Max Scherzer earned his first career save on Thursday night in Game 5 of the NLDS against the Giants. Scherzer recorded the final three outs to push the Dodgers to a 2-1 victory in San Francisco. It will be the Dodgers’ fifth NLCS appearance in the last six years.

The question remains, will the Dodgers still start Scherzer in Game 1 on Saturday after his high leverage relief performance?

Manager Dave Roberts softly committed to Scherzer starting Game 1 versus the Atlanta Braves.

“That’s the plan, but we know going into tonight, that if we used him there might be a cost. We’ll talk to Max tomorrow and see where he’s at, but as of now, that’s where we’re at.”

Pitching on one day of rest isn’t ideal. However, Mad Max is on the short list of pitchers willing to entertain the idea.

Like Roberts, Scherzer was of the opinion that it all depends on how his body responds to the relief appearance.

“I can’t even comment on it [starting Game 1]. I got to come in tomorrow, see how my arm feels tomorrow and then, make a decision.”

Team President Andrew Friedman reiterated the team’s stance on starting Scherzer in Game 1.

“We’ll figure out where he is tomorrow. Each day, we’ve just been monitoring and figuring out how he’s feeling and what’s going on. So we’ll kind of see where he is tomorrow and figure it out.”

Beating the 107-win San Francisco Giants is quite the accomplishment, but Atlanta shouldn’t be taken lightly. No matter the opponent, starting in a 0-1 hole in a playoff series is never ideal.

Walker Buehler pitched on Tuesday on short rest. Another surprise start seems unlikely.

Julio Urias threw four innings in Game 5. A start on Saturday is out of the question.

Scherzer is the most logical candidate to pitch Game 1 of the Dodgers frontline starters. Yet, if his arm doesn’t feel quite right, the Dodgers will have to look elsewhere. Hello Tony Gonsolin?

Scherzer was fantastic in a rare ninth inning relief role. For his next act, the Dodgers will have to wait and see.

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Eric Eulau

Born and raised in Ventura, not "Ven-CH-ura", California. Favorite Dodger Stadium food is the old school chocolate malt with the wooden spoon. Host of the Dodgers Nation 3 Up, 3 Down Podcast.


  1. This is a potential 7 game series. I would roll out Tony Gonsolin, Knebel, Graterol and go with a bullpen game.
    Give the guys a little rest. The schedule is very unfair to the winner of the Dodger Giant series as they had the most wins…
    Using a bullpen game is not giving it away as the Dodgers had a good record in them and used them throughout the year.

    1. I’d roll out David Price as the starter on a ‘longer’ BP game…. try and stretch out the relievers a bit more… who knows at this point. But as you say, this is a 7 game series, try and get your starting staff back in order, take it from there….

      Congrats boys!!!!

      LFG LA Dodgers!!!!

      AND a huge opening win for the LA Kings!!!! Yeah!!!!!

      1. Doug, that was the greatest Dodgers win against the Vagiants I’ve ever witnessed. That clutch win from the entire organization was simply OUTSTANDING!!! Beating the Vagiants in front of their home crowd, Bonds and the cheating org on their wiffle ball field was the BEST. Take that Vagiants!!!!! I’d start Gonsolin , then throw Price a couple innings, then bickford and vesia. Take a chance that the Dodgers O may finally show up, and try and steal one. Then on Sunday start Buehler and the rotation would be reset.

        1. Tmax, Doug, and Kirk…no way Max doesn’t go game 1….they don’t call him Mad Max for nothing!

          I mean cmon the guy breaks his nose in batting practice and takes the hill the next day? He’d have to be in the hospital to miss a start! This guy is the ultimate warrior. This is what he lives for.

    2. That first check swing game still lingers as we are on the road against a team that we finished 18 games ahead in the standings…..Hard call pushing Sherzer out a game as I want him in three games if necessary. At the same time, we have the depth to win game one with Gonsolin who can toss a gem against anyone. And with our bullpen, might not be a bad idea. Wait and see…Go Dodgers!

      1. Price, on the bullpen depth chart….is no better than number 6 or 7, judging by trust and effectiveness. He could not, in the Dodger’s wildest dreams, start Game 1, even as an opener. After opting out last year, and being nearly forgotten about this year, seeing very little use in high-leverage situations, I would leave him off the roster before I’d pitch him anywhere but mop-up time. I’d rather bring up Bobby Miller or Ryan Pepiot than use Price, who is on borrowed time with the Dodgers. Just a thought…

        1. JucoWs1970, while your criticisms of Price are valid, I truly believe he is on the roster because he has been there before and gotten it done on the big stage. Bobby Miller and Ryan Pepiot haven’t even been in the majors! Not a fair comparison.

          Game 1 starter will be all predicated on how Max feels today. And I trust the “brain-trust” to go with the best possible option.

  2. All I know is Dodger life with Scherzer is GOOD!!! Dodger life without Bauer is also GOOD!!!

    1. Bauer will be back next year, along with Scherzer. Quit complaining and be thankful that we moved on.

      1. Knowing that Dodger life without Bauer is GOOD !!! is not a complaint.It’s a fact!!!
        Good character and chemistry means a lot and so far so GOOD with Scherzer.

  3. Why not Buehker on 4 days rest? Then go with Scherzer on 3 days (he seems to be pumped up). Then Urias on thursday on 4 days to start our “normal” rotation.
    And I have to agree with the “other” Doug-good start for the LA KINGS!! GO DODGERS!!!!!!

    1. Yes, I meant Buehler…typing ain’t my strength even though I am a collidge gradiate!

  4. Bauer should be gone with his antics that have been going on longer than we know
    Game 1 feels like a bullpen job but not with Price
    Give Max the rest he needs
    Go LA

  5. One thing is certain, Braves lineup much easier to navigate than Giants! Avoid Freeman and Riley and no high cheese to Joc and his pearls! Just ask Butane.

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