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Dodgers: Governor Newsom Dashes Hopes For Summer Baseball

Dodgers fans hoping to get a chance to watch their favorite team play this summer are going to be disappointed. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, addressed some concerns for sports fans for the coming months. 

As Newsom said in the press conference, fans getting to gather in large numbers at any point during the next couple of months is unlikely. This would include Dodgers fans hoping to get back to Chavez Ravine to watch some summer baseball. 

The prospect of mass gatherings is negligible at best until we get to herd immunity and get to a vaccine…

This is not necessarily a surprise for fans at this point, but more of a confirmation of one of the worst-case scenarios. An even worst scenario would be having baseball canceled altogether, but nothing like that has been close to confirmed. Dodgers fans were hoping that things would clear up and they would be able to see the stadium’s new renovations this summer. 

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Baseball has several rumored plans floating around, none of which seem particularly likely. One has all teams isolated in Arizona where they will play out a shorter version of the season. Another would mix up the divisions and leagues and have teams play in both Florida and Arizona. It seems less and less likely every day that Dodgers fans will get to see their team at home this year. 

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  1. It does the mind good to have hope for baseball, but it will never happen. The risks and financial liability for teams is just too great. If just one player or one member of a player’s family gets ill, it’ll be over again at that moment. It is the acceptance that this year is done that is the hardest. We got over the 1994 strike, we will manage here too. Now is the time for players to have all the surgeries they will need to have.

  2. The 2020 season is history. The 2021 season is also in doubt. Corona virus hits big cities the hardest. This is exactly where major sports teams play. Leftist states like CA and NY are both homes to multiple teams, and will prevent all normal life for as long as possible. With just a few teams pulling out, entire leagues are undermined, which encourages a total pullout by all teams. Pinheads like Manfred should just relax aout 2020, it’s over. Try compensating some of those seasonal stadium workers. The real question now is the 2021 season. It is far from ensured.

  3. They can play in Arizona and Florida. Their families could be with them too. No fans, all television, we could make it work. They are going to test players and employees and it may be that lots of them have already been exposed.

  4. Word is Arizona and Nevada will be Dodgers and Angels home for 2020. We will see if this happens as many people from LA live in Vegas now.

    1. Nighttime LOWS in Vegas and Phoenix during August can be around 100-F. That’ll be a tough one.

  5. All other Blue States with idiot Governors will follow this farce. The rest of us Americans will goon with life… Enjoy bondage friends and neighbors..i

  6. ‘Turn out the lights the party is over’, doesn’t look like there’ll be any baseball in 2020.

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