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MLB News: Veteran Salaries Revealed During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Concerns over whether or not MLB players would be properly paid during the coronavirus have been answered. After reports that minor league players would be paid $400 per week during the hiatus surfaced, fans started to wonder what veteran players would be making. 

In a report by Ronald Blum of the Associated Press, veteran MLB salaries were revealed. The agreement covers from March 26th to May 24th, which would have been the first sixty days of the major league season. Here is the breakdown of the payments. 

  • Veteran MLB players will be paid $4,775 per day for all sixty days, totaling up to $286,500 
  • Some ‘less veteran’ players will receive a smaller stipend: $16,500, $30,000 or $60,000, depending on the contract.
  • Players who are not yet eligible for arbitration will also receive much lower payments. 

These payments represent massive pay cuts for some players, especially those on larger contracts. Clayton Kershaw, for example, usually makes anywhere from $80,000 to $90,000 per day throughout the year. Jumping all the way back to less than $5,000 is a heck of a pay cut during the hiatus. In the event of a canceled season, MLB players would not be required to return the advance payments.

MLB called off games shortly after the NBA did due to the coronavirus outbreak. There is still no sign of things getting back on track either, as officials continue to scramble for solutions. July has been thrown out as a possible start date, but that date has not been confirmed by anyone in the Commissioner’s Office. 

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