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Dodgers Have Not Decided On A Plan For Gavin Lux Yet

Surely, a Gavin Lux call-up is imminent. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Dodgers know it’s coming; and Lux knows that it’s coming. The only question that remains is when, and how he will be utilized once he’s part of the big league club.

Now, those questions are brought into a little more focus by Bill Plunkett of the OC Register. While the Dodgers know Lux can help him, it sounds like there will be a wait and see approach as to what degree.

First, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman was kind enough to weigh-in on the subject.

“We’ve got a lot of really talented players that have helped us get to this point and deserve to play. If we have an injury or lack of performance in an area that is concerning, then he is certainly a candidate. But right now, we’ve had a lot of players contribute to getting us to where we are.”

However, Friedman mentioned that more energy is being spent by the braintrust on how to configure the pitching staff; which is understandable.

Currently, Lux is hitting .415 at AAA Oklahoma City with a 1.266 OPS. Clearly, he’s ready for a test at the highest level. However, Lux’s rise has come as such a surprise in a short time that he’s not currently a member of the Dodgers’ 40-man roster. Therefore, making Lux part of the big club will require a bit of maneuvering on the front office’s part.

Still, Friedman was coy when asked if Lux is a definite to be called up when rosters expand in September.

“I don’t know. I think a lot of it goes into what our 40-man situation is with our pitchers and just making sure, assuming we got all of our guys from the 60(-day Injured List) or most of them back – you have those moves and then other potential non-roster (guys). There’s just a lot of factors that go into that.”

Finally, there are a lot of factors; and Friedman is right. But Lux has earned the right to show what he can do – and it comes down to the simple fact that he can probably help a club that falls prone to some lulls offensively. This really is no different than Corey Seager getting his feet wet down the stretch in 2015.

Final Word

Friedman did say in closing that worst-case, Lux has earned the opportunity to ‘ride-along’ and be part of the clubhouse in a pennant environment. This should serve as an exciting time to be a Dodgers fan.

In a segment on Sirius XM, Friedman said Lux is ‘doing everything he can to knock the door down’.


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  1. Pretty simple. Waive Kiki and bring up Lux. Lux plays the infield spots that Kiki would sub for and with Taylor coming back he fills in the Outfield. But no, they will hang on to a 230 lifetime hitter and hope he finds some rare streak.

    1. I love Kiki’s energy, but I kind of have to agree with you. Also, Joc needs to be left off the postseason roster, he is a liability and a joke of a leadoff hitter.

      1. I agree. Look what Kiki did in the post season last year.Bring up Lux to bat first and play second base. He can hit righties and lefties so there is no need to have Kiki on the playoff roster.

  2. Service time games with Lux. That’s the issue, because of his long term value. Clearly, he has literally nothing left to prove in the minors. , and obviously he’s at minimum a bench bat. If he’s not up in September I don’t expect him to be up on Opening Day either. The Tatis and Alonso calls ups from day one are extremely rare.

  3. Lux should be playing second base right now and leading off which solves two problems. Wake up Mr. Friedman and stop playing the major league service time game. Lux will help win the ultimate prize you’re trying to achieve,a World Series Championship for LA.

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