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Dodgers Hitters Heating Up Right Before October

The Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t been perfect, but this team is still the best in baseball when sound and are displaying characteristics of a championship team once again.

At won point they were a “global sensation,” and making headlines after an unbelievable 91-32 start to the regular season. Things eventually slowed down, but they’ve been able to click on all cylinders right before the end of the season. Nevertheless, many have downplayed their significant play and sports outlets have blatantly underestimated the turn around after their wretched slump that took place earlier this month.

“One of the services you provide is giving people something to talk about. Let them talk, it makes them happy, it makes them feel good. They don’t believe half the things they say. People wanna talk, it’s fun to talk…” – Jerry Seinfield (2015)

This quote was taken from an iconic comedian that Cody Bellinger was unaware of due to Bellinger’s age and interests, but pay attention to one thing-it represents the Dodgers’ uncanny clubhouse attitude. Everybody praised them when they were winning and the talking instantly became negative as soon as they started losing.

It looks like this team is done letting people talk negatively about them.

The last two series and Tuesday evening’s win against the San Diego Padres prove just how dominate they can be. Management truly deserves a lot of credit because of the ability to incorporate all these phenomenal players together and never stop believing in their efforts no matter what.

Some Dodgers hitters hit a wall, but they’re heating up and coming alive at the right time. Yasmani Grandal was on the verge of losing his job to Austin Barnes, but he is now 4-9 in his last three games with two home runs and six runs batted in. Corey Seager is hitting just .191 this month, but he is 3-7 in this series against the Padres with a home run. Adrian Gonzalez, who was looking lost at the plate not too long ago, went 2-4 on Tuesday with a home run and a double!

The Boys in Blue haven’t won the World Series just yet, but it seems like they’re ready for any opponent because very few will be able to matchup accordingly. People aren’t realizing how impressive the Dodgers depth is, and that should be more than apparent when you have Alex Wood (2.71 ERA) battling for a spot in the starting rotation. The astonishing trait separates them from the rest because of their versatility on the defensive end as well as in the batters box.

Bellinger didn’t even have a hit last night, but he made one of the best plays of the year, throwing a man out at home in only his third start at center field. Let’s watch it again for fun.

This team is great, and they’re starting to come around at just the right time.

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