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Dodgers Hot Stove: Three Teams Reportedly Interested in Albert Pujols

The Dodgers have already secured one reunion this offseason by re-signing Clayton Kershaw, but they haven’t kept everyone. Corey Seager went to the Texas Rangers, Joe Kelly signed with White Sox, and Kenley Jansen’s fate remains undecided. On the whole, Dodgers fans are hoping Albert Pujols is on the same boat as fellow future Hall-of-Famer Clayton Kershaw.’s Mark Feinsand indicated that there’s at least three teams in the running to sign Pujols.

As Feinsand makes light of, Pujols, much like Kyle Schwarber, stands to benefit greatly from the implementation of the universal DH. Instead of a small handful of AL teams interested in him, Pujols has an increased number of options now that the DH is coming to NL.

As of late, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, team president Andrew Friedman, and GM Brandon Gomes have said little publicly about LA re-signing Pujols.

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There have been plenty of rumors about the Dodgers interest in other potential DH candidates like Jorge Soler and Nelson Cruz, but little on Pujols. Cruz is no longer an option after signing with the Nationals on Sunday

Unless, LA is one of the three mystery teams that have “expressed interest” in Albert Pujols. Notably, The Athletic’s Katie Woo previously opined that the Cardinals are likely not interested in bringing Pujols back for a one-year farewell tour. So for those doing the math at home, St. Louis is probably not one of the three teams.

There’s at least one Dodgers player who would like the Dodgers front office to bring back Tío Albert – first baseman Max Muncy.

“I definitely would not be opposed to have another season with him. He can still hit lefties really good and he still brings a lot to the clubhouse. He’s awesome to have around.”

Re-signing Pujols wouldn’t purely be an act of charity by LA. Last season with the Dodgers, he had a .953 OPS against lefties.

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    1. Besides his hugs Pujols remains a very good hitter against left handed pitchers.with the universal DH inplace Pujols is a very good option to fill that slot not to mention inexpensive. His experience alone warrents his signing

  1. Nice, cute gesture in ’21. But, no. No more Pujols. He’s ‘half a player’. Get rid of him to fill the roster spot with a complete ballplayer.

    1. I think Albert still has it. He had clutch hits all season for the Dodgers. He needs a full season at DH to reach 700 hrs. so I suspect some other team might give it a try.

  2. based on the nice run he last year it is easy to get fooled albert is still a lefty killer. unfortunately. if you look at 2017-2020, he’s been a disaster against lefties, plus can’t run, and they have no need for him at first. no way he clogs a roster spot.

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