Dodgers: How Kenley Jansen Went From Getting Booed to Elite Again, Will LA Trust Him in the Postseason?

Contrary to what some Dodgers fans may lead you to believe, Kenley Jansen has had far more ups than downs this season.

Jansen’s resurgent first half, where he posted a 1.24 ERA to go along with 21 saves, should have earned him his fourth All-Star Game appearance. Instead, he was snubbed and following the break the 3-time All-Star struggled, failing to convert three straight saves including two in two consecutive nights to the Giants that led to him getting booed off the mound by the Dodger Stadium crowd. Since then, Kenley has bounced back nicely, having slammed the door shut 11-straight times while posting a 1.29 ERA.

We discuss the adjustments Jansen has made, his evolving pitch mix, and if he’s earned back the trust of Dodgers Nation. Plus, how will the Dodgers use Kenley in the postseason?


Kenley Jansen by the Numbers


  • 2-4 W/L, 2.39 ERA, 60 games, 60.1 innings, 32 saves in 37 opportunities, 70 strikeouts, 34 walks


  • 35-25 W/L, 2.39 ERA, 692 games, 696.1 innings, 344 saves in 389 opportunities, 88.4 save%, 1,006 strikeouts, 202 walks.

Italics denotes Dodgers franchise leader

The next big question with the big man will undoubtedly be should LA re-sign him in the offseason? It seems that October will be the judge of that.

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Doug McKain

Doug McKain is a lifelong Dodger fan and hosts Dodgers Nation’s “DNpostgame” show online. He also hosts Dodgers DougOut and the LA Sports Report on YouTube. DMAC is also a rabid Lakers fan, and lover of all Los Angeles sports.


  1. “Elite”??? Check again on your definition of the word, “elite” and get back to me. Possibly the caption should read, “From boos to a little better, but by far not Great.” I still have a xanax or 2 whenever I see him on the mound. If I see him on the mound this postseason, I might have to OD.

    1. So easy to boo sitting in you armchair. The reality is that he saved 86.5% of his games this year. That’s off from his career 88.4%. That isn’t even one game of his 37 opportunities this year.

      1. KJ blowing saves happens to every closer in their career. The problem with KJ blowing saves is against what team he blows the save against (Giants) and how critical the game is that he just had the blown save. If Jansen had actually completed the saves against the Giants, the Dodgers would be at least 1.5 games up on the Giants and not in fact chasing them hoping the Giants lose at the same time the Dodgers win.

        So, basically, it’s not just that Jansen blows a save, but, when and against whom he blows the save against. Remember, last year Roberts was finally forced to relegate Jansen to a middle inning reliever and had Urias close. I’m feel the same way that so many others have expressed. I have to literally turn to a different channel when he’s brought in. I just can’t watch and am really relieved when the game is over and Jansen succeeded in closing the game out. I hope he continues to preform at a high level during the playoffs. But, I won’t be 100% certain that when he goes in that he will be successful. He’s just kind of lost the belief I had in him back in the day.

        1. The Dodgers would ALSO be two games ahead if they would have swept all 3 games against lowly Colorado instead of winning just one. It’s not just Jansen’s fault.

  2. The Dodgers will trust him in the playoffs, but the fans won’t. There’s just too much history

  3. Ticking time bomb. Then again, Roberts has been trusting Bellinger for two years, so hold on to your hats!

  4. Maybe DRRRRRRRRRRR’s will learn from his decision to stay with who’s hot to finish games again like in the NLCS and World Series as he did with Julio last season. Roberts blew game 4 by relying on Kenley so who knows, just when we thought DRRRRRRRR would be moving forward, after this season’s reverting by DRRRRRR, hold on to your hats..

  5. Kenley is on track now. doc has him on a short leash when it comes to playoffs. He’s going to be fine.

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