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Dodgers Injury News: Gavin Lux May Not Be Returning Any Time Soon

Another injury hit the Dodgers this weekend. Gavin Lux left Sunday’s 6-5 loss in Colorado in the ninth inning with a hamstring injury. Lux didn’t make it two whole steps before pulling up lame on a routine infield ground out.

Manager Dave Roberts confirmed on Monday that Lux won’t be back anytime soon.

“I don’t think we did any other testing outside of the manual [testing]. A lot of it with the hamstring, it’s the range of motion, the strength. Where he’s at, it was pretty clear that it was going to be an IL. It’s going to take some time.”

Lux was officially placed on the 10-day injured list on Monday with a strained left hamstring. Soft tissue injuries are notoriously difficult to navigate for a training staff. Hamstrings are the double black diamond version. Just ask Justin Turner.

Lux By the Numbers

For the season, Lux was slashing .227/.307/.656. He’s not going to win any awards for his 2021 performance thus far. That being said, he did help bridge the gap when both Zach McKinstry and Corey Seager were on the injured list in May. That month, Lux clubbed five home runs and 19 RBI while recording a .836 OPS.

Final Thoughts

This season for the Dodgers has been punctuated by injuries, but as Roberts has mentioned previously “nobody is going to feel sorry for us”. Lux joins Bellinger, Betts, Muncy, Seager, and McKinstry as notable everyday players who have hit the IL this year.

Clearly the Dodgers are not rushing Lux back from his hamstring injury and they shouldn’t.

If all goes well, help is on the way. Well, not just help, but the 2020 NLCS and World Series MVP. Activating shortstop Corey Seager “could certainly be a possibility” according to Roberts.

Sunday shouldn’t be the last of Lux in 2021. It will however be the last for a while.

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Eric Eulau

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  1. Nice kid but overmatched in the majors. Now’s the time package him and Bellinger and see what is available. No loss on offense.

    1. Not only that but even the best teams in the league cannot or will not overcome this horrific amount of injuries this team has suffered. These injuries could even keep team from doing much if anything in October. Ramping up from a 60 game season to a full 162 games has taken its toll on team but for the Dodgers even more soLux really won’t be missed . He is not the hyped up player he was made out to be. And there’s not much offense in the minors either.

    1. Don, I’ve said it before that this year’s team is nowhere close to last year’s team and Roberts is as inept a manager as there is. Look how he had Bellinger lead off the other day, changing lineups daily, mis managing the pitching, thinking he can get by with all these BP games. And no team can survive the amount of injuries the team has had so far this year.

  2. This team as it stands right now, with Doc mismanaging everything from pitching staff to lineup has no shot at repeating. None!! Need an effective Seager back in the lineup and Bellinger out of it. In addition, Andy needs to add a starter, a dependable reliever (preferably one that can replace Jansen) and a right handed bat Good luck!!

    1. One more thing- they need a manager who knows how to manage. Look what Gabe Kapler has done for the Giants (and Faidi).

      1. I agree. Faidi was the brains of the outfit. Kapler has the smarts and motivates. Roberts would make a good counselor for teenage runaways. He needs to be loved by everybody and is aat best a ‘feel good’ little league manager. SF was ranked 27 out of 35 teams beginning the year. Not anymore! Kapler makes the most out of least. Where Roberts makes the least out of most. Bellinger has a GOLF swing and not a baseball swing. Where are our hitting coaches? He’s missing pitches by 3 or 4 inches. We already have a pitchers spot why add a second pot hole in the lineup? Belli has only 5 hits in his last 55 at bats. That’s one hit every eleven times up!

  3. wow – pity party!!! Dodgers dealing with so many injuries, they just can’t get everyone healthy at the same time. and despite all that remain #2 team in all of baseball. Get everyone back healthy and another pitcher and win the West!

  4. Great news. Lux is highly overrated and Friedman and the scouting department should cut their losses and move him at the deadline. He loses his confidence when he slumps and doesn’t recover.

  5. I agree with the comments made regarding coach Roberts. He is not an effective team leader. He can’t expect to coast into first place playing bp games. And some of the players need to be sent back to the minors. Bellinger, Lux and Jensen, for sure.

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