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Dodgers Insider: ‘How About Some Respect’ for Julio Urias in 2021?

After watching the final pitch from the 2020 World Series over and over for the last three-plus months, Dodgers fans might find this one to be a bit of a head-scratcher. But, it might not be as far off base as you think. 

On Thursday night, the SportsNet LA crew made their picks for the most under-the-radar Dodgers heading into the new season. Surprisingly, am570 ‘Dodger Talk’ host Dave Vassegh chose left-hander Julio Urias. And, ultimately, his argument seems somewhat sound.

Well I know this sounds crazy, but how about Julio Urias? Nobody seems to be talking about Julio. … Everybody seems to be talking about Clayton Kershaw, Trevor Bauer, Walker Buehler, and David Price. How about some respect for this kid that who, without, they do not win the World Series! For me, Julio Urias is definitely, and undeservedly so, under the radar.

After taking in his context, you can’t really argue with Vassegh. Sure, amongst those in the know around the Los Angeles Dodgers, Julio plays heavily into the plans and success of this team in 2021 — whether as a likely starter, or potential shutdown reliever. However, national media is too enamoured with the top of the rotation to look at the hands-down best number 5 starter in baseball.

Maybe that’s how the Dodgers do it best. Play big, spend money, win divisions, and still have elite players fly under the radar. I’ll tell you this, I’ll take Julio in the 5 spot over just about any team’s number 2 arm any day.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. I don’t understand why Julio has to be #5. I thought if the Dodgers start off with a 5 man rotation, I might go with:

    1. Hmm. You got the left right left sequence correct except for the names Queeksdraw. Kershaw is number one out of respect. Buehler and Bauer are interchangeable at 2 and 4. Urias and Price the same at 3 and 5. But Julio should be 3 because May could be a tandem with Price.

  2. You don’t know what you are talking about. The Dodger Nation has always given that kid respect. And he proved he is another legend in the making. We have ALWAYS ROOTED FOR HIM. As we have rooted for every one who puts on a DODGER UNIFORM. I hope to see Julio Urias win games for us for the next 20 years. And win the whole damn thing again this year.

  3. I bet Roberts goes with a 6-man rotation. One, because he alluded to that already, and two, because no one threw more than a half season worth of innings last year. So, they’ll get everyone to the 3/4 range this year (because they can!), then back to 200 innings in 2022.

    That leaves us with:

    1. not going to disagree it is an interesting thought but has historically never worked well at MLB level. And given Bauer really likes pitching on 4th day not 5th+ day. They coughed up big for him and are all about his takes so some consideration will be given to his preferences.

      I like the idea of Bauer but he buggers the logistics. Maybe putting May/Gonsolin in then pen while giving 1-3 starts between them every month to give other guys a rest? I am a big pitching heavy fan and for the first time ever I have zero idea how the Dodgers are setup this staff. Beyond the fact of the big four of Kershaw-Bueller-Bauer-Price what do they do? What a fun problem to have? A staff of no worse than #3 SP’s who could easily be #2’s on most MLB staffs and to have MULTIPLES of this level pitchers. No one of them would scare me as an elimination game SP given the fact if any of them struggles there are 6 other guys to pick them up.

  4. Urias should be the 4’starter. May should be the 5’starter. Gonsolin and Price could share the 6 spot. Although I still think Price should be traded, maybe for a RHB 2B, maybe just for prospects.

  5. Urias is highly respected among baseball fans in the know. I still think he’s so good coming out of the pen he may end up back there. He’s better at it than May and Gonsolin. It’s a long season so we’ll see how this develops. 6 man rotation may work, and change how Dodgers use Julio. But if push comes to shove even in a 6 man rotation, Julio goes to the pen and May & Gonsolin go 5 & 6. We’ll have to see how Price does too, since he missed a year.

  6. Offer price to Ángels and pay half his salary He’s done can’t believe some fans still put him in front of Urias who without Him Dodgers simply don’t make it to World Series cause that 1 run lead wan’t enough to close out the Braves. And to close out Tampa with 2 days rest that was great he was the best dodger pitcher in post season period and should have won mvp along with Seager period Cause if It was Kershaw am sure he would have got it. Roberts has to man up and stop choosing favorites line up your pitchers depending how they’re doing and price should be traded or dumped anyway he didn’t do anything to win title but am sure they’ll give him a ring.

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