Dodgers: Mookie Betts Did Not Feel the Need to Address the Team Like Last Season

It’s not often that a player walks into a team’s clubhouse for the first time and demands the attention of players. But that’s exactly what happened last Spring when Mookie Betts showed up to the Dodgers camp.

Just a few weeks removed from a blockbuster trade with the Red Sox, Betts had plenty to say. Mookie challenged his Dodgers teammates to produce a sense of urgency to get back to the World Series. Betts emphasized focus in all aspects, especially with practices and drills on the field. The reaction from teammates was one of shock but complete respect.

So coming off of a World Series win in 2020, many wondered if Betts would once again make a lockerroom speech. In one of his first media huddles of Spring Training, Betts revealed that he didn’t think he needed to stress that focus to his Dodgers teammates.


Betts reiterated that they had created a team culture over the last year and that the culture was here to stay. That sense of urgency and desire to win big resonates throughout the Dodgers organization, and it certainly seems like a new atmosphere early on. 

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Every player to make an appearance on press conferences this Spring has talked about it. They all come on and talk about the desire for the Dodgers to win another one so they can celebrate right. Whatever Mookie said in that first week of Spring Training of 2020 must have hit hard. 

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