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Dodgers Insider Says LA Should Trade for Max Scherzer

A panel of MLB experts and insiders took upon themselves the task of identifying the biggest move each of the 30 ballclubs should ahead of the trade deadline. The one move to rule them all, if you will. 

For clubs without many or any playoff dreams, the hypothetical moves are pretty drab, to say the least. But for teams in it to win it like the Dodgers, we get a little bolder.

LA beat writer and insider Juan Toribio was perhaps the boldest of them all. Understandably, since the Dodgers are without three of the five starting pitchers they opened the season with, it makes sense that Toribio would look to bolster the rotation. His choice for Andrew Friedman was none other than three-time Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer.

Here’s what the baseball scribe had to say.

On paper, there’s probably no better fit for the Dodgers than trading for Scherzer and adding him to their rotation. The Dodgers are trying to win another World Series and they badly need a starter because of the uncertainty around Trevor Bauer and Clayton Kershaw still rehabbing from an injury.

Scherzer turns 37 on Tuesday but the eight-time All-Star has proven he still has plenty left in the tank this season. In 18 starts, he’s posted a 2.83 ERA with a fine 5.68 to 1 strikeout to walk ratio and a career-best .886 WHIP in 105 innings.

Trade Rumors: Max Scherzer Involved in Trade Talks, Will LA Get Involved?

He’s also rumored to be seeking a contract extension before waving his no trade rights. But in the eyes of Juan Toribio, Max shouldn’t let that be a problem.

Accepting a trade to the Dodgers also makes a ton of sense for Scherzer, who wants to win another title but would have to waive his no-trade clause. Simple enough, right? Not so fast. The Dodgers likely won’t part ways with multiple top prospects for a rental and it’s unclear if Scherzer is OK with getting traded to a team that won’t give him a long-term extension.

So, yes, on paper the move makes sense for LA and Mad Max. The future Hall of Famer has collected more than his fair share of personal accolades over his 14-year career. But he has only one championship to show for it.

In all likelihood, it would be a one-and-done relationship for Scherzer and the Dodgers, if a move happened. But it could be one heck of a fling.

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Clint Pasillas

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  1. To get Max Scherzer Dodgers would probably have to give up their top catching prospect and maybe someone else – normally you would not give up such a talented prospect at the catcher position but with Will Smith and Barnes covering that position, maybe you do

  2. Trade Barnes for Mad Max. Sign CT.3 for 4years 64 millions USD. Let Seager walk because he will be seeking a very high cost to the Dodgers. Yankees may pay to have Seager

  3. The Dodgers can try to extend 2 years deal with Mad Max agent Boras. Mad Max. is the guy can do the job in play off game and WS.

  4. Scherzer for one of Dodgers catching prospects (Ruiz maybe) and also Gavin Lux (disappointment) plus 2 other Dodgers’ minor leaguers- that should do it

  5. Four young prospects for an 37 yo arm ?? No way, must be another RHP out there costing less.
    May to return next season, Gray will get better. Still thinking closer to round out pen

  6. All young prospects call up are still a long way to be MLB player except Jo Jo Gray pitcher. Why wait when the Dodgers can win now with outside help. The Chicago Cubs WS. Championship 2016 are a good example for Win now. Add Mad Max and Craig Krimbel will make the Dodgers a Big far favorites to capture WS. Trophy 2021.

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