Dodgers: Internet Trolls Houston Astros in Cheating Scandal

As strange and awful of a place the internet can be, there are times when it simply outdoes itself. And in the case of the current Astros scandal, cyber funnies appear to be at an all-time high.

We know the story up to now in regards to the Houston mess… Allegations of cheating via cameras in centerfield along with a television and sophisticated trash can banging system allows the home team to pick up on offspeed pitches from the opposing team.

For Dodgers fans, the situation proves to be the forever un-answerable “what-if” of a lifetime. For internet trolls, it’s an opportunity to go to work. Memes make the world a better place (change my mind). And in the sports world, creatives have been exceptional when it comes to finding humorous ways to troll the Astros scandal.

Yes, the “Center Field Camera Man” is the 2017 World Series MVP for Houston. As much as 2017 still stings for many Dodgers fans, you can’t really help but chuckle.

Moreover, nicknames for the Astros have been a good source of humor and debate. “Trashtros” has been a personal favorite, but the “Houston Asterisks” may ultimately have the most staying power after all is said and done.

Another Wikipedia editor took it upon himself to help guide Commissioner Manfred.


As has been highlighted all over the internet recently, internet personality “Jomboy” hasn’t necessarily been participating in the memes and funnies per se, but he’s absolutely an unlikely contributor to the cause — for both trolls, the news media, and likely even Rob Manfred.

As the MLB participates in its owner’s meetings, the commissioner spoke out on the fact that he can dole “significant punishments” for the Houston ballclub — you know, do his job — but you can’t help but wonder if this had come in-season, would the news cycle have pushed it back under the rug by now?

Clint Pasillas

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  1. Remember the shot heard around the world, Bobby Thompson – Ralph Branca. Suspect of stealing signs via the center field score board this was verified later by of all people Bobby himself. Were the NY Giants investigated/penalized for sign stealing at Bobby’s critical seventh game pennant victory home run over the Brooklyn Dodgers?

    The Astros scandal any different other than winning the final World Series game vs the NY Giants winning the final game of the National League Pennant?

  2. Yes this is completely different.They stole signs all season long. The Dodgers are not the only team wronged here.They used this against the Red Sox and the Yankees in the playoffs. Not to mention every team they played that year. They would never had a shot at the Championship without it. And they used a camera not just some guy in the scoreboard. The penalty needs to be severe enough to stop other teams from just chalking it up to the cost of winning a championship.

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