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Dodgers: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Talks Punishment Amid Astros Allegations

The Houston Astros are in deep trouble — at least they appear to be. According to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, the league is looking into the Astros’ usage of high-tech cameras to gain a competitive edge via sign stealing. You know the story by now. However, there are new details coming to light, courtesy of a Rob Manfred press conference.

Astros, Lone Wolf

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, Manfred told reporters that Major League Baseball has no reason to believe that the sign stealing allegations extend past the Houston Astros.

“I have no reason to believe it extends beyond the Astros as this point in time.”

Potential Discipline and Investigation

When asked about the potential discipline that he would be interested in levying against Houston, Manfred basically told the media that he has the ability to destroy teams if he wishes:

“The general warning I issued to the clubs, I stand by. It certainly could be all of those things, but my authority under the major league constitution would be broader than those things as well.”

Manfred appears interested in a full-scale and lengthy investigation:

“Any allegations that relate to a rule violation that could affect the outcome of a game or games is the most serious matter. … We have … what is going to be a really, really thorough investigation ongoing.”

Manfred’s Interests

The allegations against Houston were brought to Manfred’s attention before it hit the mainstream. It is wholly possible that he tried to cover it up before then:

Trolling Houston

Of course, the Wikipedia pages for anything related to the Houston Astros have seen changes:


The Astros are going down and everyone seems to know it — except for their fans.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. You have to come down hard and set an example that this will not be tolerated and the punishment for doing such things will be devastating to an organization moving forward. This effects all of baseball as it had potential to hurt other players careers and salaries. The players with the Astros should be ashamed they took part in this and each one that’s proven to have done so should also be punished. Will be very interesting how this plays out.

  2. The fact that Astros may have cheated is horrible and a Dodger fan, I obviously want the Astros to be punished severely. But what can the commissioner do even if the cheating led to the Astros winning the World Series? Suspend the manager and GM and players for a few seasons? Fine the Astros a billion dollars? Take draft picks away? Take the World Series trophy away? Right now, the only thing the Astros are regretting is that they got caught.

    Im curious to hear what Dodger fans think the correct punishment should be. Would the commissioner actually implement anything severe enough to discourage this from happening again?

    1. Vacate their title, plus a lifetime ban for the Manager and GM. He could take it a step further and call Houston’s owner to advise, effectively immediately, the Houston Astros are no longer a MLB franchise.

      Think anyone would use cameras to steal signs after that?

  3. The punishment to me is the bottom line. I have read ideas such as strip the Astros of draft picks, fine the organization, suspend coaches or management. The one punishment that I have not read that I believe would hurt more than anything is not allow the Astros to sign any free agent outside of their current organization for 5 years. So when their current players become free agents they can sign them but it could be costly one with the player knowing they will have to over pay. They will have to fill holes with bringing up minor leaguers that might not be major league ready. I believe the punishment has to hurt. You can’t take away the championship that’s to late.

  4. I think the Astros should be punished with ALL the above, if it can be proven that they did cheat without any dought. That would make ALL the teams be aware. THIS COULD HAPPEN TO YOU TOO!!!!
    Strip them of the title, no draft for 5 years, strip Altuve of the MVP, and heavy fines for ALL involved.

  5. 1. You fools lost at home! 2. I guess everyone has forgotten about the “black sticky substance” on Kershaw’s hat during your playoff run? A simple google search is all you need? He was lights out until the league put a stop to it. Once he couldn’t cheat he got destroyed at home. 3. The Astros faced Darvish so many times during his tenor with the Rangers, they did not need to cheat to rock his bad pitches.

    1. So they didn’t need to cheat, but they did… I am not sure if you are making excuses for what obviously occurred or not. This isn’t speculation anymore, it’s fact.

      1. It’s just another Astros fan in denial. You see them everywhere. They don’t want to accept their only ever title is garbage

  6. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred (1) Needs to take away the 2017 World Series and give it to Los Angeles Dodgers.
    (2) Banned the Houston Astro Organization from MLB for life.

    1. The whole world is looking at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to see what he is going to do about the Houston Astro Organization cheating on the 2017 World Series not only this is the biggest cheating scandal in the history of MLB but in all sports.
      Once the investigation is done and we all know the Houston Astro Organization are guilty of cheating.
      MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred needs to make it right by (1) Take away the 2017 World Series trophy and give it to the LA Dodgers that was cheated on.
      (2) Banned the Houston Astro Organization permanently from MLB along with AJ Hinch, Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran. Anything less from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred would be insult to MLB and fans.

  7. If the Astros survive this legitimate cheating scandal along with the “I’m so @#$@$ing glad we got Osuna” idiocy it will be a tribute to the Astros understanding of the commissioner’s office and proof of what a joke Manfred is. This is the first time since the Black Sox that a team was caught cheating in a way that affected the World Series and I doubt the Astros will lose anything other than some cash they will pass along to season ticket-holders.

  8. 2017 World Series, ALCS & Division championships, vacated, banned from playoffs 2 years and loss of draft picks.

  9. I find it disturbing how morally corrupt MLB is becoming. To say that “electronic cheating” was not specifically stated in any rule book is crazy. Cheating is against the foundation of all reputable competition. That “specific cheating” must be stated shows how poor of character this sport has become. Does possible every act of cheating need to be specified? Is the moral standard really that low? Maybe we need to see the type of upbringing these cheaters are bringing to the game more than anything.

  10. I caught so much flak from friends who are Houston fans during that 2017 World Series. Definitely take the World Series title away. Although I would love to see it given to the Dodgers, the Yankees likewise have a claim to it as they were beaten in the ALCS by cheaters. Hinch and any other managers found to be knowingly involved must be banned from the league at least for a season or two (remember the Saints form the NFL). Draft picks taken, no signing free agents from any other team for a specified time period. Also, huge fine to the team and managers involved.

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