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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Talking With the Giants About a Possible Deal

The Dodgers are in danger of losing most of their free agents to other teams this offseason. After signing Blake Treinen to a new deal, they’ve already watched Enrique Hernandez, Alex Wood, and Pedro Baez sign new deals.

And now, the possibility of Joc Pederson leaving in free agency seems very real. Most anticipated that if there were teams interested in signing Joc that the Dodgers would be out on him. After all, Joc is probably going to earn decent money in his first year of free agency, and Los Angeles doesn’t exactly have the room for his platoon bat. 

The latest rumor is that Joc might be interested in playing near home with the Giants. A Palo Alto native, Joc grew up less than 30 miles from where the Giants play their games. Pederson signing a deal with the Giants would make 2 Dodgers this month after Alex Wood inked a deal. 

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The report out of the San Francisco Chronicle notes that the Giants have been looking at several outfield options for the 2021 season. That would include looking in free agency as Farhan Zaidi continues his massive rebuild of the franchise. If successful, the Giants would have a bat that hit 130 homeruns for the Dodgers in 7 years of platoon work.

Throughout his career with the Dodgers, Joc was held to a .191 batting average against left-handed pitching in limited opportunities. That number had started to improve a little as Joc got more opportunities against southpaws in 2019 and 2020. 

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  1. Say it ain’t so, Joc. Sign with any OTHER team, Tigers, even Baltimore for that matter, lol. But the “evil empire”?!?

    1. No need to worry about a team that has had 3 WS titles since 2010 but will finish in 3rd place at best in 2021.

  2. How can the Dodgers be in danger of loosing most of their FA to other teams when the Dodgers aren’t making an effort to sign any of them except one reliever and probably Turner.

    1. The Dodger FA’S were advised to explore the market in the first place because Dodgers knew they most likely could not re-sign them all. Those players out of our FA group figured to end up signing elsewhere. So far only Treinen has been retained. Maybe Turner will be as well. I also believe most here didn’t count on Joc coming back either.

  3. Joc and Kike were the two FA guys that had possibilities of increasing there playing time by moving to other clubs. Kike had a real shot at 2B for the Dodgers in 2019, and just couldn’t capitalize on it. If he had, Lux would probably be gone by now. I hope he gets playing time, and makes the most of his opportunities with the Sox.

    It’s a little bit different with Pederson though. He just doesn’t hit LHPs, and that kind of restricts him to being a part time player. I don’t like the way DR used to play everyone all over the place prior to 2020. But there are some natural platoons. Pollack and Pederson are a natural platoon. Pollack gets the nod overall for being a RHB, and having a solid comeback year. But I still like Pederson getting games against RHPs, especially in the postseason where he shines. As always, it will come down to money. Who will pay big bucks to a part time player.

    I like Joc and wish he would stay. But the odds are probably against it.

    1. In the playoffs, Joc and Taylor were mainly platooning LF as Pollack saw less and less time as the Dodgers got deeper into the playoffs. Pollack is one of those regular season guys who wins games for you and has quality at bats, but he seems to be not as productive in the playoffs and was used sparingly in the World Series. Still got some at bats, but Robert made a great move using Taylor at 2B and LF platooning mainly with Joc in LF and Kike at 2B.

    2. I agree, the real season is the post season and Joc has hit and played well in the playoffs which is very valuable. Pollock and Pederson are a great tandem both offensively and defensively.
      The Dodger have lots of left handed bats as options to play left field on the roster not to mention in the Farm System.
      There will probably be a strike in 2022 and the Luxury Tax will be eliminated or significantly changed. So if the Dodgers deicide to spend over the tax for 2021 it will probably not impact 2022 as much.

      1. Ya know it wasn’t too long ago,(2015 ) in fact that Joc got the starting job in CF because at that time he showed success in the minors against both RH and LH pitchers. He had a great first half that year but even after his 2nd half struggles in 2015, he got additional opportunities to play against LHP but shortly after he sort of lost it against LHP to the point he was relegated to being a platoon player. Admittedly then he got less and less playing time against them. So WSS if where he signs whether he gets to play against both hands of pitchers again.

  4. Article says his numbers were getting a little better as he got a few more opportunities against left handers.Truth is Joc will not be a 300 hitter but he can hit around 270 if they play him everyday. It’s not like he was striking out all times vs lefties he was making contact grounding out or flying out and a few hits the few times roberts let him bat vs lefties since 2020.All idiots that go by sibermetrics don’t see outside the window .During a Lasirda documentary in 2015 He said he was going to check up On Joc who he thought was going to be next star and I know Tommy knows Baseball better than all these sibermetrics fools.Joc will hit 50 hrs 270 average over 100 rbis for next 8 years too bad our mgmt are sibermetrics freaks.

  5. Makes sense if they sign him, especially with Farhan running them. Good for Joc

  6. I noticed that too, good against lefties at the minor league level.

    But I suspect it was changes the dodgers made to his batting and instilling no confidence against lefties and limiting his opportunities.

    There is a downside to sibermetrics.

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