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Dodgers: Joc Pederson’s Tear-Jerking Goodbye to Los Angeles

For Dodgers fans that have been around since the team drafted Joc Pederson in 2010, it’s been quite a journey. Joc shot through the farm system with plus power and the potential to hit a ton of homeruns and swipe a ton of bags. 

When he did get up to the big league team in late 2014, the Dodgers got to see a young kid with a wild swing. Joc evolved the next year into a true power hitter, knocking 26 homeruns and striking out 170 times.

But what set him apart was his early ability to take free bases when they were given to him. Joc drew 92 walks in his first full season with the Dodgers and was selected to the All-Star team. Despite his high strikeout percentage, Joc got on base at a .346 clip, making him an intriguing piece for the team. 

This week, Joc said goodbye to the organization that drafted him. In a letter written to the city of Los Angeles, Pederson thanked the franchise and fans for all of the support. But be ready for it Dodgers fans, it’s sure to induce some tears. 

I love the Dodgers, man. I love LA. That city, that organization, those fans, my teammates….. that’s family. But I think part of being family is being honest with each other. And as memorable of a run as it was for me there — honestly, I think we both agreed that it was time to part ways. 

Joc signed a 1-year deal with the Cubs to possibly be an every day player this offseason. And while he may no longer be wearing a Dodgers uniform, he will always be loved in Los Angeles. Thanks for everything Joc! 

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  1. wishing Joc all the best . now go out and prove you are an every day player like we all know you are.

  2. Thanks for the Memories Joc!!! I have always loved watching you play!!! You always seem to come up big, be it a diving catch or a towering Home Run. I miss you already!!!

  3. Joc thanks for the memories , your infectious smile , your enthusiasm for the game and your team mates. Your right it was time for you and the Dodgers to part ways they gave you 7 years to step up and be the everyday out fielder that all MLB players dream of. Hine sight you are very very lucky that the Dodgers trade with the Angles never happened with you and Chicken Strip both you and Strip got your Championship Rings ! . As players you play for the love of the game starting at T Ball up through your days at Stanford, Dodgers winning that ring and now the Cubs but in the end you will reflect back on playing days for the Greatest Organization in all of Sports and that the LA Fans will always love you for the time here welcome you back with cheers when you wear the Cubbie uniform. Good Luck Joc hit 30HR and 100 RBI next year and then prove that you deserve that big contract

  4. Enjoyed watching your enthusiasm during the World Series. Glad you finally got a ring. Hopefully you will finally be a full time player. Best of luck

  5. Joc I wish you the best, your joy,excitement for the game and your teammates will always be remembered!! I’m a lifelong Dodger fan but I’ll root for you(maybe no so much when playing the Dodgers-maybe a single instead of a homer)!!

  6. I really hate to see Joc go….Joc, Kiki & J.T. are really the soul of the team…If J.T. isn’t resigned there will be a huge hole of energy missing that even a greatly enhanced pitching staff won’t be able to fix…let alone loss of the best homerun hitting team around! Hopefully we get the D.H. and maybe a return of Joc next year????

  7. You were my favorite player. I’m so sorry to see you go but like most things a change had to come and I will still root for you buuuut not against the Dodgers (maybe a lil).tear it up in the windy city…

  8. Joc is a classy guy. I loved seeing the relationship he has with his brother Champ. He should hit a ton of HR’s at Wrigley. Best of luck to you, Joc! Thanks for the memories…

  9. It’s Ok Joc now you’re a champion and now it’s time to go get you some and hit those 48+ hrs I know you will hit for next 7 years.Good Luck and Thank You for everything you did and the patience you had.Hope one day you come back to dodgers as an everyday player.

  10. Absolutely thank you for giving so much of yourself to the Dodgers, and we appreciate your contribution to our World Series Championship. Enjoy hitting those homeruns at Wrigley Field this season…just never against us. Best of Luck!

  11. It will be interesting to see because it sure looked like Joc figured out how to hit lefties in the playoffs. With out the expanded roster he was hitting timely singles off lefties when the were forced to leave him in. Quite frankly I’m not sure his departure will be a good thing. For him yes for us no. One. Fan said it best: heart and soul are Kiké Peterson and Turner. Hopefully McKinstry and Rios can fill the void. In a long season and the clutch hitters those three are it’s a huge loss. We will miss you Joc and Kiké. Glad you’ll get more AB’s with your new teams.

  12. You will always be part of the dodger family. And you are incorrect joc, i do not agree that it is time to part ways. Thank you for everything and for all u gave to the dodgers and us fans. Wishing you all the best. Sad to see u go.


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