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Dodgers: Joe Davis Shares Being Hired in LA and the One Team He Almost Worked For

The Off Air with Joe and Orel Podcast might be the best thing to come out of this stoppage of baseball. The Dodgers broadcast duo talks about everything from cheating scandals to player habits, and the episode released today was a doozy.

In episode five, Joe Davis revealed the entire process that went into him become the Dodgers’ television announcer, succeeding Vin Scully. Apparently, there was one other team that almost stole Joe away from us.

The White Sox call…so I went to Chicago and met with the White Sox, and all the way up the ladder. I met with the whole crew. Being midwest people it was definitely something to consider…Seriously considered that because we still hadn’t hammered anything home with the Dodgers. 

There was so much that went into that decision, which Joe talks about in the podcast. But basically, the Dodgers slow-played the hiring of Joe, and so he was almost forced to head out to Chicago instead. Davis also revealed that Matt Vasgersian was the initial choice of the Dodgers, but that obviously changed. In reflecting on it, Joe couldn’t even believe that he almost did not take the job in Los Angeles.

To think back on it, that I was that close to turning it down, is just mind-blowing to me. I can’t imagine my life and my career without it now.

Davis also shares a voicemail he received from Vin Scully after he was hired. This is truly an episode of Off-Air that you cannot miss! Orel Hershiser also shares his experience getting the call up to the Dodgers way back in 1983.

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  1. I would like Joe to stay with the Dodgers for life, I really like his descriptions

  2. Really like Joe Davis. He does his homework. Always bringing up Dodgers trivia from the 60s and 70s when I was a kid that I figured he wouldn’t have a clue about. They better do whatever it takes to keep him because I could see him leaving for a much higher profile job.

  3. Davis is ok But Herschiser is a terrible color man He talks way too much, Too much “When I used to play….” He bores the hell out of me. Most of the time I watch the game on TV and listen to the radio

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