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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Breaks Down his Standard In-N-Out Order

There are many things that are quintessential parts of southern California, but some might argue that In-N-Out and Dodgers baseball are two of the most important ones. During an interview on AM570’s Dodger Talk with David Vassegh, inland empire native Joe Kelly happened to be taking the call from the In-N-Out drive thru line. As any good journalist would, Vassegh asked Kelly what his order was.

As one might expect, Joe Kelly’s order, like his persona, was far from ordinary.

“Three by three. Little chili peppers, grilled onions, ketchup only. Animal-style fry and a Lemon Up.”

Kelly’s response solidifies the fact that a person’s In-N-Out order is a window into their soul.

For those wondering, a “Lemon Up” is yet another In-N-Out “secret” menu item indicating a mix of pink lemonade and 7Up.

Kelly pitched for the Dodgers the last three seasons, but is currently a free agent.

The reliever also revealed in the interview that there’s “mutual” interest between him re-signing with the Dodgers.

That’s certainly Kelly’s preference and besides, changing your In-N-Out routine is never a good time.

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  1. That sounds really good. I would like to try that exact order, with the only exception, switching out the ketchup for animal sauce.

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