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MLB News: Opening Day In ‘Significant Jeopardy’ According to Officials

One day, articles will be written about the completion of baseball’s new CBA. Today, is not that day.

According to multiple sources, Saturday was another unproductive day full of acrimony between MLB and the MLBPA. That’s not exactly new, but what is novel is “multiple officials” admitting that a deal will not get done by Monday. That means, there’s a bigger chance than ever that regular season games will be cancelled and Opening Day will be postponed. 


On the bright side, Drellich did report that the two sides were unified on one thing. They were both quite unhappy with each other.

The competitive balance tax was addressed during the meetings, but the two sides are still unable to find common ground on the matter.

Discussion surrounding arbitration processes and procedures were also unproductive.

At this point, it seems like it would take a miracle for the 2022 MLB season to start on time.

The two sides are scheduled to meet at 1PM EST on Sunday.

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