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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Themed Christmas Decor Earns a Visit from the Pitcher

By now, every Dodgers fan in the world has seen the Joe Kelly face. He made the pouty lip face famous back in 2020 in a game against the Astros. It came after Kelly struck out Houston’s Carlos Correa and sparked a benches-clearing incident. And while Kelly was eventually suspended for his role in that fracas, his legend lives on. 

This week, the face made another appearance. But this time, it wasn’t on a t-shirt or bumper sticker around Los Angeles. A Dodgers fan made a special Christmas decoration for his law featuring the reliever and his pouty face. 

And who stopped by to take a look and introduce himself? None other than the Dodgers’ own Joseph Kelly. The Dodgers fans posted a picture on his Instagram with an explanation of how it all went down, and apparently, Knox went to the door to introduce everyone. 

For the moment, Kelly isn’t actually a member of the Dodgers. His option was declined after the season, though many expect him to end up back in Los Angeles. Kelly ended the season with a serious bicep injury that took him out of the National League Championship Series. 

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But even if he doesn’t end up back in LA, Joe will always be a legend among Dodgers fans for what he did. 

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  1. I haven’t checked the back of the barber shop which hosted Joe’s mural, but they’re closed! Hope it’s still there. Meanwhile, last season I snuck the “pouty-face” t-shirt into the stadium. I sat near the Dodgers’ bullpen for several games, and was able to show him the shirt! Got a thumbs-up.

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