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Dodgers: Joe Kelly’s Wife Fires Back at an Astros Player

Another day and another Joe Kelly related story. This time it was his wife Ashley getting into the mix of things with an Instagram post. Apparently, Ashley didn’t take too kindly to Lance McCullers Jr trash-talking the Dodgers’ pitcher on a podcast this week. 

McCullers appeared on Jayson Stark’s podcast earlier this week and said that Joe Kelly was afraid of Carlos Correa. In his mind, the Dodgers’ pitcher started everything that led to the benches-clearing incident and he did nothing to back it up. That led to Ashley Kelly posting this on her Instagram story and tagging McCullers directly in it. 

YOU. McMuffin. Anyone who knows or has played with the “skinny mother [expletive]” would know that he would attempt to take on a 300lb offensive lineman knowing that he woud lose. He’s not afraid of anyone…especilly your pal (who honestly has a nice swing) PS: Cool video montage of yourself coming back from TJ! Wishiing you the best of luck. Carry on and move forward. (@LanceMcCullers43)

First of all, the Super Bad reference right from the top is glorious. But Ashley made sure to go right after McCullers’ bold statement right away and to be honest, we believe her. Joe Kelly is definitely a scrapper who seems like he would be okay fighting anyone. The Dodgers players would probably agree. 

Ashley did finish up by sort of making amends and almost saying something nice to the Astros’ pitcher. It’s not clear yet if he responded to the story or even saw it yet. The Dodgers will be without Joe Kelly for 5 games as soon as he is activated from the injured list. That is when he will start serving his reduced suspension. 

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  1. Love that Ashley responded to McMuffin. He is another Asterisk cheating dog. His opinions do not count as he is a known cheater and liar.

  2. McCullers would be one of the cheaters to continue opening his mouth. He was one of the asteriks who I couldn’t stand even before it was known what they were doing. I didn’t care much for this team back in 2017 they acted low class and there was just something about them that never seemed honorable. I wasn’t shocked when we learned they were up to something

  3. Although I don’t care for Kelly, his punishment was way overboard! The commissioner showed his lack of balls by not punishing those punk ass Astro players! Those fools should be hit every game they play!

  4. Way to go, Ashley, looks like you can take him on too, LOL! Dodgers take no crap from anyone. Go Dodgers and go family.

  5. You go on girl!! Ashley Kelly you are AWESOME!!!! Does anyone from the CHEATERS ORGANIZATION KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!! Because NO ONE is listening to YOU!! Keep your GOOD FOR NOTHING COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!!

  6. There are still Astros fans..believe it or not it’s millions to say no one like is stupid

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