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Dodgers: Julio Urias is the Most Underrated Pitcher in MLB, Says Long-Time Teammate

It’s hard to be underrated and a Cy Young runner-up at the same time. Yet, that is exactly what Dodgers left-hander Julio Urias is.

Urias helped close out the 2020 World Series championship team for the Dodgers and has since become one of the perennial pitchers of the MLB. Last season, Urias led the NL with a 2.16 ERA with a 17-7 record in 31 starts.

Easily the best season of his career, but still it feels like he’s only getting started. And the numbers are getting too loud for the media to ignore. Recently, LA utility man Chris Taylor was asked about Julio and how vocal the pitcher is in the clubhouse. CT3 sort of went off track to share his true thoughts for his pitcher.

“His English is getting better. He’s starting to talk more. But Julio is a great guy, everybody on the team loves him. And, obviously, I’m so happy for him, he had such an unbelievable year. We’re stoked to have him on the Dodgers and coming back with us next year. In my opinion, Julio’s the most underrated pitcher in baseball. The guy does it year in and year out and he’s never been an All-Star, we have to vote Julio into the All-Star Game next year — that has to happen.”

Urias not being selected into the 2022 All-Star game, let alone not even one for his entire career, is a crime. Urias exemplifies what every team wants out of a pitcher and what batters fear most.

While the Dodgers were searching for pitching help in free agency, part of the cushion for not breaking the bank is knowing they have a guy like Urias on the team. Urias will once again lead the charge giving fans something to be hopeful about.

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  1. Not only underrated by the league but also his team. Urias has earned the #1 starters spot. When Buehler comes back , think of this rotation. Urias, Buehler,Bauer,Thor,Kersh for Oct. May and Gonsolin for long relief.

  2. MLB best pitcher last 2 years and hasn’t hit his ceiling yet and he’s only 26 and Friedman ‘s not even trying to extend him now. Forget that boras is his agent that’s a lame excuse when you really want to sign a player that won you the World Series you hadn’t won in 33 years. Would hate to see him pitch for giants or padres next year.

  3. He will probably be let go just like all the clutch players on that team. Seager apparently wasn’t worth what Swanson and Boegarts got, Keke , Joc weren’t either. You know, the guys that were clutch like Urias…Dodgers seem to forget who deserves and who doesn’t.

  4. As Boras knows, free agency creates an auction, and in auctions often times bidders overpay in an emotional, not strictly rational, environment, such as shortstops getting top dollar until age 40. Or one team out of 30 values a player significantly higher than do the other 29 teams. So, Boras likes his players to go onto the free agent market. Extending Julio makes sense but his agent, Boras, has to negotiate within reason. For long-term success, not just in 2023, the Dodgers have to start developing [playing] the minor leaguers who, if successful, can occupy a roster spot at the league minimum pay and contribute. They are not going to compete with the Mets for the highest payroll. Some of the youngsters may have to replace Julio, Kershaw, in 2024.

  5. Odds are Julio is in line for a long term arm injury. Just the nature of the beast. Who wants to be on the hook for 7 to 8 years at 30 mill plus? 4 years maximum deal for starting pitchers just my opinion. Boras will want double that. Love Julio”s make up but not enough to make him the highest paid pitcher in baseball. That is what Boras will ask for and probably get from someone. Just hope it ain’t us!,,

  6. Anybody is in line to get injured not just Julio! Is been over 5 years since his surgery so far he’s just getting better snd he not 26 you replace your veterans not your great players at 26 and yes you don’t decide if dodgers offer him 300 million for 10 years,he’ll be 37 after 10 years. Seems like a lot of racist bandwagon fans are bitt hurt that Julio is dodgers’s best starter even though he was the big difference fir dodgers winning World Series him not Kershaw or Buhler but were willing to accept Correa and Verlander both cheaters. You have to be real racist and bandwagon fans,dodgers will make another huge mistake if Julio signs with padres cause it will take a lot of years for dodgers to win again

  7. If Julio comes through in 2023 like he has the last few years, the Dodgers can afford to offer him a short term 3-4 year deal at a record AAV and then he gets to bet on himself by reentering the FA market at the age of 30. Could be the kind of deal that makes everyone happy.

  8. Julio has been the rock. Dodgers and MLB both underestimate this super LHP. Love Dodgers but Julio should get the big payday he deserves

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