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Dodgers: Julio Urías Listed in MLB’s Top 10 Young Stars

The Dodgers have been waiting a long time for this kind of season out of Julio Urías. For a very long time, Los Angeles has played it very carefully with Julio and has limited his role over the last few years as a result. 

Urías has seen time in the bullpen and time in the rotation, often in the same season. But this year, Julio is firmly cemented in the Dodgers starting rotation at the number 4 spot. He’s also logged 72 innings across 12 starts already.

That’s part of the reason that Urías was listed in MLB Network’s Top 10 Young Players this week. The left-handed hurler has chalked up 80 strikeouts and a WHIP that is below 1 in his second year of a consistent starting role. 

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If you remove his 2 bad starts against the Braves and Angels, Julio’s numbers are really eye-popping. In those 10 other starts, he has compiled a 2.45 ERA and punched out 71 batters compared to 9 walks. He’s a big reason why the Dodgers have been able to survive having only 4 guys in the rotation for a few weeks.

The only problem at this point seems to be his workload. The Dodgers have never pushed Julio more than 80 innings in a season, and he will pass that sometime in his next 2 starts. If they truly intend on keeping him in the starting rotation, it will be interesting to see how he handles all of the innings. 

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  1. I have to watch this guy again. Maybe I missed something. His losses against the Angels and Atlanta must be factored in as well. His stats do not tell the story.

  2. He’ arrived to close out Braves and Tampa Bay the biggest factor why dodgers won the World Series cause they had nobody to relieve and hold off Braves for 3 innings with only 1 run lead period. Dodgers next ace and his era will be under 3 before season ends.Roberts needs to give him at least 100 pitches a game .

  3. Urias is doing well as I expected. The biggest plus with Urias and Buehler is that they up their games in the postseason. They like the pressure and come through when you need them the most. It’s not a cake walk to the postseason this year since the Padres and Giants are vastly improved. But if the pressure is on toward the end of the season to win the division, these two will be go to guys

  4. He’s 9-2, best on staff and 1st in MLB to reach 9 wins; and not to mention 7 RBI’s @ critical times of the game….. best on staff! Maybe can be used as PH…..can’t be worse than others who got to PH. wink. wink.

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