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Dodgers: Julio Urías Wins National Sports Award In His Native Mexico

Julio Urías certainly had one of his best seasons in 2021 for the Dodgers. It was always said that if Urias ever played a full season, he would be elite. The prognosticators were right. Urías had his best season, posting a league-leading 20 wins, and he struck out 195 in 185 innings. He posted an ERA+ of 138, and he likely won’t win but is a legitimate Cy Young award candidate.

The Pride of Sinaloa

Notably, his home country of Mexico has also decided to bestow an award on Urías, as well. Mexico’s National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE) announced the winners of the 2021 National Sports Award. Urias won the “Professional” award, which differentiates from non-professional. The commission awards multiple award winners. Other winners were Aremi Fuentes, Monica Olivia, Jannet Alegría, José Manuel Zayas, Mayte Ivonne Chávez, María del Rosario Espinoza and Carlos Girón in the genres of weight-lifting, coaches, Paralympics, and soccer.

A total of 70 athletes were nominated, putting Urías and the other winners in rare company.

Urías was born in Culiacan, Sinaloa. He also played with the Mexico national youth team in his early teens. After the Dodgers won the 2020 World Series, he and teammate and friend Victor Gonzalez could be seen celebrating on the field holding a Mexican flag. Urías is the pride of Mexico and he certainly is also proud to be from there.

What’s Next For El Culichi?

Urías put himself in position to be a top-of-the-rotation pitcher. He was extremely reliable in 2021 and was never afraid of the big moments. Although the Dodgers were stopped short of their ultimate goal, Urías’ image of closing the 2020 World Series with his arms celebrating, will never be forgotten by Dodger fans.

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AJ Gonzalez

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  1. I really don’t understand why Julio wouldn’t be the favorite to win the Cy Young. Only 20 game winner in baseball. Guess wins don’t matter.

    1. No, wins don’t matter. its the new measures: WHIP, etc and even old ERA have much more weight than wins. Julio got the highest run support of all Dodger starters. Hopefully he wins Cy Young outright next year. Congrats to him on a great season and winning the National Sports Award In His Native Mexico!

  2. lots of 20-game winners over the decades didn’t win a Cy Young for that seson. Wins, while important, was never the ultimate deciding factor…it’s about the best pitcher, ok it is “supposed” to be about the best pitcher in the leagues.

    I sort of like the new metrics for this because over those decades there have been many many guys who pitched great and were far batter than their team and their record would indicate if judged only by wins and ERA. Still a 23+ game winner with an ERA in or under the 2’s would be sort of a ust get the award guy under any metrics.

    That said Urias was not the best pitcher in MLB, heck, he was close to the best SP in the Dodgers rotation only because 3/4 of it got hurt. However Urias seems like a true gamer who keeps his team in the game every start. he WILL win at least one CY in his career for sure. He’s fun to watch when is focusing…

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