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Dodgers Insider Sees Max Scherzer Deal in the $100M Range

The Dodgers are going to have to make some big decisions on their free agents this year. With so many names set to hit the open market, Andrew Friedman and his team are likely going to have to let a couple of key guys walk in 2022. 

One of those guys could very well be Max Scherzer, who they acquired at the trade deadline this year. The Dodgers do need starting pitching and they would obviously love to have a guy like him back. But the fact of the matter is that they are probably going to be priced out of the competition. 

The LA Times’ Jorge Castillo predicted that Scherzer could be getting a massive $100 million deal in free agency. He’ll be 38 next Summer, but he is still one of the best starting pitchers in the game. Chances are that some team in need of an ace will pay the price to get him on their team. 

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For the Dodgers, paying another guy $100 million over 3 years doesn’t seem to be in their wheelhouse. That’s typically not the sort of contract that Friedman is willing to spend on an aging veteran, regardless of success. Scherzer is good, but that commitment would take away money from other key pieces. 

At some point in the next few years, the Dodgers are going to have to pay Julio Urias and Walker Buehler. 

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    1. Hopefully that pitcher gets suspended and perhaps some salary relief because he would be suspended without pay and off the 40 man roster. Besides, there isn’t a current Dodger player who wants Bauer anywhere near their clubhouse.

    2. Ouch! Dodgers probably really rooting for MLB to suspend him to get out from under some of that contract

  1. MLB will either help the Dodgers, or leave the Dodgers out on a limb with that whole saga. I’m guessing there is personal conduct clauses in the silly contract that will allow LA to get out. The pariah will likely have to go play in Japan, or the Houston Cheaters.

    But, at $33 mil per season for Sherzer? Count me in. Add $27 mil per year for Kershaw on a two-year with 3rd year option, and we’re set for 2022…

    1. No way! You can’t spend that kind of $ on starters anymore! They don’t go more than 5 innings anymore. They are going the way of the do-do!

      1. Look the WS champs started 3 rookies in a row!

        Starters are worth sh!t anymore!

      2. I would agree with you DF4. there is not much sense to signing Scherzer for the much of an AAV. Just my opinion, but that tired arm issue is cause for concern even if many don’t think so. Man is going to be 38 this upcoming season and would be in his forty’s when it completes. People are going to bring up Wainwright, but Wainwright does not bust a gut on every pitch like Max. I would agree on giving Kersh a nice deal and work out something where it is mostly deferred until the man collects social security. Similar to a Bobby Bo contract. Plus we appear to have some really solid arms in our system. Look at the comment from DF4 below about the Braves starting 3 rookies on the biggest stage of all. You all should remember some years back when we brought up a 22 year old with pretty good potential, his name is Kershaw. How has that worked out? At some point next season (providing we have a next season), May is going to be back and Kersh should be, at least we are all hoping, will be healthy Mitch White has some pretty good potential especially with what he was able to do this season when brought up. Jackson has a lot of upside as well. We have a very large need at putting someone guys on the bench who can actually produce, perhaps we bring Joc back and filling out that bench is a necessity. Hopefully the DH comes into play and if so it will be a big help to Roberts in his filling out a lineup card. Hopefully the Braves can finish off the Cheaterstros tomorrow and then the powers that be can get very serious about the new CBA which looks like it is going to be very contentious on both sides. From some of the things I have read we may be heading toward another 1994.

    1. Bauer is gone. As is his contract. 40 mil per. For 2 more years. So Max will get a great contact offer. And the kicker is deferral. Max’s current contract is defered. Until 2028. So my guess is a 3 year with a deferral beyond 28. Clayton is going to get a good offer, too, but his injury came at the wrong time. So I would think he will have a similar offer; but with more incentives to max out the contract.

      1. I hope you are right Wayne. We just don’t know and for now he’s been paid for all of 2021 and remains a Dodger on admin leave

  2. Congrats Braves. 1st inning grand slam by Adam Duvall.

    Don’t know if everyone remembers 2020. Duvall got hurt in game 1 of the NLCS and was lost for the series! He might have made a difference.

    Just as losing Muncy hurt the Dodgers! Ya I know Braves lost Acuna, but they had time to replace him! Dodgers didn’t.

    1. I say its 50/50. He may get a lot more $$ with another team out West. Pods, halos interested

        1. Think about it. It’s already a farewell tour for Waino and Yadi. They bring back AP and add Max? They will pack Busch for every home game! A no brainer

          1. You think they would throw their 1st year Manager under the bus from the get go?

          2. This is more in response to Dodger Boy. If this is truly AP’s final go around, it should be in a Cards uni. I think anyone who is a true baseball fan would prefer that be the case this coming season,

  3. I’m of the school that thinks Kershaw will wanna go 2 years and do it with the Rangers, his hometown team. If not, with all of his recent injuries, he’s not worth big $$$…Just saying!!!!

  4. How is it that CK and MS are still worth big money and KJ is only worth half of his contract and he ended the season in much better shape than the two former named players. We need to get Bellinger shoulder healed along with Rios, Muncy and Turner healed and let Lux, Beatty, Busch get more playing time. CK going to Texas where he will probably never win five games is far fetched. Max may be good for our young staff but not twenty five million dollars worth. just saying

  5. Jansen deserves an offer, however the team has several options . Success breeds these challenges .

  6. My biggest concern about Max was his “my arm is a bit tired, so I’ll just pass on tonight’s game and maybe feel better for the next game, if one happens.” Other guys might have said, “give me the damn ball, there might not be another game, and I’ll give it all I have for as long I can.”

    1. Scherzer isn’t stupid. He knew the team can’t hit. Like the 1-0 loss when Scherzer threw lights out against the Vagiants. He may have made up his mind in that 6th game knowing he could have caused major damage and screwed up his BIG payday coming up. Drrrrrrrr burned both Scherzer and Urias up. Lucky neither are headed for surgery..

      1. I was at that game, and it will always be known as the Wind Game. Scherzer was literally blown off the mpund in the first inning trying to make a pitch. I think he may have done some damage there trying to throw it as hard as he could through the wing. Several Dodgers crushed balls that would have gone 400′ plus only to watch the OF run back in to catch it on the grass. Ask every gnat, they felt certain Lux had crushed his with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. I’m still getting the dust out of my eyes! The one-off was the gnat hitting the ball just as the wind stopped for a nano-second. Max wants a West Coast winner, and he’ll stay with the Dodgers for the right amount of Benjamins

    2. David I agree and I posted above about this tired arm issue. IMHO there is more to it than we are being told. Scherzer is not the type of personality that backs away from challenges, especially if there might not be a tomorrow. The way he reacted coming out of the pen in game 5 of the NLDS is not the reaction of someone who doesn’t want the ball with his team’s season on the line.

      1. Harry, I am of the same opinion. A starter that can’t answer the bell on 6 days rest? Big red flag in my book!

      2. I not buying the ‘dead arm’ argument here. Remember, 2020 was a 60 game schedule. With a five-man rotation, that’s 12 starts per pitcher. If Scherzer goes 8 innings each time out, that’s only 96 innings.

        Fast forward to 2021 and were back to 162 games and well over 200 innings. Then the playoffs. What was Scherzer’s count? 230? 250? Buehler’s arm would be dead. Oh, wait, it was in game 5.

        2021 will have to be looked at through that prism; 60 games the year before, and 162 games the year after. Along with the bullpen games, Scherzer’s “dead arm” goes away in 2022.

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