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Dodgers’ Justin Turner and Corey Seager Health And Productivity Update

The Los Angeles Dodgers are remaining optimistic about the status of Justin Turner before postseason play begins.

Turner has been held out due to a sore thumb and recent illness, but the Dodgers’ third baseman is apparently feeling a lot better. He was asked about the severity of the injury and how he’s feeling been doing. This is what he had to say:

It’s nice to know that Turner will be ready to go for the remaining games later on this week. Many might not believe that hurrying back is beneficiary, but the extra reps during live competition always helps players stay sharp and focus on establishing a rhythm. The NLDS isn’t far away because Game 1 will theoretically take place next Friday, so the additional simulated at-bats are necessary before all those days off.

The Dodgers’ shortstop Corey Seager is currently going through elbow issues and has been in a slump for the month of September. Dave Roberts was asked whether or not the two were related and he had this to say:

If the Dodgers are going to have any success during the postseason, then they’re going to need one of the most competitive batters in the league to produce in October.

The great news is that his slump isn’t because of that bad sore elbow. Corey Seager has gone 2-for-23 in his last 6 games with five strikeouts. However, successful baseball players have short-term memory regardless of results.

Seager played well against the San Diego Padres on Monday. He went 1-for-3 with a walk and no strikeouts. He can build off this performance, and finish the week strong by accumulating a couple more hits before the NLDS. The confidence and mechanics are the only things that can hinder his stellar play.

Look for Turner and Seager to play bring an assertive approach to the plate these next few games. They’re at the core of the batting order, and their production usually dictates how the Dodgers perform offensively.

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  1. I get pissed off when announcers just recite the stats during slumps, citing the worst possible numbers. Vin would tell stories of a slump by Mays, or some funny story from a clubhouse. Reciting stats is a bad story, especially when yes, we know the Dodgers fell down at the end of August.

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