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Dodgers: Justin Turner Has a Request That LA Fans Are Sure to Love

The Rams are set for a championship parade and Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner has an idea to make it even better. Turner congratulated the Rams on bringing LA another major sports title and floated the idea of a dual Rams-Dodgers championship parade with “#MegaParade”.

For those that forgot, which is probably few, the Dodgers never got to their parade after winning the 2020 World Series. The Dodgers were unable to celebrate with their fans due to COVID-19 pandemic. Turner and the rest of the Dodgers joining the Rams for a massive parade  would be epic. However, it’s very, very unlikely.

Dodgers reporter David Vassegh reported on Monday that the Rams will host their parade this Wednesday.

There was no mention of the Justin Turner and the Dodgers, but stranger things have happen.

Turner also took the opportunity in his congratulatory tweet to throw some shade at MLB for baseball’s ongoing lockout. It’s apparent that JT believes what many of his fellow MLB players believe: the MLB owners have not negotiated in good faith in regards to a new CBA.

The players believe the league and the owners are intentionally drawing out the lockout. The longer the lockout goes, the more the owners demonize the MLBPLA for being unreasonable.

Sounds like Turner will likely be in attendance for the Rams parade on Wednesday. That being said, he probably prefer to be booking his ticket to Arizona for spring training with his Dodgers teammates.

Like the rest of us, Turner is beyond ready for the MLB lockout to end.

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