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Dodgers: Justin Turner in Contact With at Least One Other Team

Dodgers fans have remained hopeful that Justin Turner will return to Los Angeles and retire here. All of the work that he has done with the team and community over the years just makes LA seem like the perfect fit for the now 36-year-old veteran. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as easy as initially thought. And really, that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given how good JT’s bat still is and the leadership that he can bring to any clubhouse. The Dodgers are going to have some competition in retaining Turner, and at least one team has already been in contact. 

The Atheltic’s Ken Rosenthal noted that Turner is one of the free agents that the Toronto Blue Jays have been in contact with in recent weeks. That matchup does make sense given that the Blue Jays are a young team that also plays in the American League. Turner still can pick it over at third base, but his talents might be better suited to a DH role the further down the line in his career he gets. The Dodgers may not be able to offer that. 

It could just be Toronto doing their due diligence, but it also could be real competition. The Blue Jays could use veteran leadership for a team that is right on the cusp of being a real contender in 2021, and JT could easily be that guy. Still, a Dodgers reunion seems like the most likely scenario for Turner at this stage in his career. 

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  1. Well, with Ryu a Blue Jay, I would guess that he has been at least consulted about Justin. He could even be a champion for signing him. We don’t know. So I would think that we would have to have a significant offer on the table. That being said, it makes sense in another regard in that the NL will more than likely have the DH in at least the next couple years, if not 2021. So we should make a solid offer with maybe — a player/coach offer tacked on??

  2. If the DH won’t be in the NL for two years at the earliest, then it would be best to get the 3rd base spot filled with a younger player, either from within or FA, though within would seem more likely and salary cap wise.

  3. What about offering Seager 5/$120M extension and if he doesn’t accept trading him
    Plus, getting Arenado guarantees SeGer stays at SS and for five years they can cover the left side

  4. If Turner signs elsewhere, it solves a few problems: (1) it takes the hook off Dodgers front office if Turner goes for one last big paycheck outside of LA (2) it allows Dodgers to go after Lindor, Arenado, or Bryant… I prefer Lindor or Arenado only because Bryant already has a ring and it’s good for Dodgers to have new players who don’t have rings….

    Of course, I want JT to stay first..but it’s nice to dream

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