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Dodgers: Justin Turner is Hopeful for a July 10th Start Date

Justin Turner is essentially the player representatives for the Dodgers, and as such often speaks on their behalf. He took some time on the Holding Kourt Podcast hosted by his wife Kourtney, to talk about the process of getting games going. 

JT talked about negotiations between MLB and the player’s union and made sure to keep us in the loop on what the Dodgers are up to. Apparently, they’re ready and hopeful to play as many games as possible. 

From a player’s side, obviously, we want to play. We want to play as many games as possible. I can’t speak for the other 29 organizations but I know that Dodger Stadium is open and Arizona….I think there can only be like three players at a time at the stadium. 

The Dodgers have made their way back to Chavez Ravine over the last few weeks, trying to get ready for any potential season. The fourth of July was a rumored start date as recently as a few weeks ago, but that date now seems to be out of reach. Most MLB experts are hopeful that the July 10th date agreed upon by both sides will still be accurate. 

We’re staying ready. Guys are throwing bullpens, guys are throwing lives, taking at-bats, just staying sharp. Because we know that hopefully, we can come to an agreement here real soon, and once that happens things are going to start happening pretty quick…I’m still holding out and hoping that, I hope we can have a July 10th start date. 

Turner went on to say that he expects a three week Spring Training 2.0 as that is what he has heard players say that they need to be ready. If that’s the case, MLB and the Player’s Union will need to come to an agreement by next week in order to make that July 10th start date work. We might be close Dodgers fans, but we’ve got a long way to go. 

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