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Dodgers: Ken Gurnick Predicts Club’s 2020 Roster

The Dodgers could be on the verge of something big — or they might not. It all depends on the direction that ownership and president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman decide to go in. Therein lies the fun of the upcoming winter. Moreover, the past indicates that they might not make that big move even with a large amount of money off the books this off-season.

Will the Dodgers land Anthony Rendon or Gerrit Cole? How about Francisco Lindor or Mookie Betts via trade? Only time will tell, but using recent history as a roadmap might be the best way to approach it as a fan.

According to Ken Gurnick of, this is the way the roster looks as-is with no further moves made:


The Dodgers seem to be heading into 2020 with a youth movement at the catcher position. Will Smith should handle about 75% of the starts behind the plate with Barnes grabbing the other 25%. Keibert Ruiz could come into play later on in the 2020 season if he proves major league worthy in Triple-A.

Locks: Will Smith

Possibilities: Austin BarnesKeibert Ruiz


Around the infield, the Dodgers look to head in with Max Muncy at first base, Gavin Lux at second base, Justin Turner at third base, and Corey Seager at shortstop. That’s solid. On the roster, they will also carry the versatility of Kiké Hernandez and Chris Taylor as well. Matt Beaty could factor in off the bench, too.

Locks: Enrique HernándezMax MuncyGavin LuxCorey SeagerChris TaylorJustin Turner

Possibilities: Matt BeatyKristopher NegrónEdwin Ríos


The Dodgers will most likely look at platooning Pollock and Pederson in left field with Bellinger in right field and Verdugo in center.

Locks: Cody BellingerJoc PedersonA.J. PollockAlex Verdugo

Possibilities: Kyle Garlick


The Dodgers have many options for their starting rotation and many options for the bullpen. There should be some spill over in either direction and this is not even including the Dodgers’ inevitable moves to address their needs in the staff.

Locks: Pedro BáezWalker BuehlerKenley JansenJoe KellyClayton KershawAdam KolarekKenta MaedaRoss StriplingJulio Urías

Possibilities: Scott AlexanderJT ChargoisCaleb FergusonDylan FloroYimi GarcíaVictor GonzalezTony GonsolinRich HillDustin MayHyun-Jin RyuCasey SadlerDennis SantanaJosh Sborz

With all this, expect the front office to make more of a splash this off-season.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. I say at catcher, let Barnes go and bring up Ruiz and get the ball rolling. Barnes has steadily gone down hill since his first season with the Dodgers and since he can’t hit his weight, might as well let Ruiz get OJT do the Dodgers find out if he is any good or not. If Russell Martin will come back, even in a player coach (bullpen) role that would be huge for these two youngsters.

    I don’t have any issues with anything else in the field players positions except I am still leery of Gavin Lux starting based on his 2019 experience with the Dodgers. I just think he is going to strike out too much and he is only an average fielder. The Dodgers already have that in spades. If it takes trading Lux and maybe Seager and others to get Francisco Lindor then I say pull the dam trigger already!

    As far as pitching forget Rich Hill, as he will only keep Gonsolin and May from developing into starters. Let Alexander, Floro, and Yimi Garcia walk or be trade bait (Stripling) and keep developing Chargois, Ferguson, and Sadler at the major league level and Santana and anyone else that shows REAL promise in the minor leagues. The Dodgers need real progress from their bullpen which has to be better than last year. If a Brandon Morrow or some other veteran can be brought aboard that will make a difference and not just be renting a uniform then I say go for it…

    Show some guts Friedman!

    1. NO NO NO, the ignorance of some fans is irritating. You DO not, EVER b bring up a young player with the potential of Ruiz until he’s ready to play every day, and he’s no where near ready.

      1. This is spot on. You can tell what fans really pay attention and understand how the major leagues work. I still think Ruiz ends up getting dealt in a deal for Betts, Lindor, or somebody TBA but you for sure don’t bring him up to be the backup catcher. Barnes is plenty good enough to be a backup catcher in the majors and is a step up from most other backup options around the league. With the Dodgers losing Freese I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Russell Martin come back on a one year deal.

  2. So one can simply copy and paste last season’s roster and call it a ‘prediction’ for the next seasons roster.

    1. Taryn, it never ceases to amaze me how talk continues on whether Dodgers are in on the top FA’s this year when everyone knows that they probably won’t be signed. Look, the Dodgers have now been taken out of the past 3 PS series (WS included) in these last 3 years on their home field but I don’t believe it matters all that much to who is running the team.

  3. insanity is doing the same thing and seeking a different result. the dodgers will have to make an adjustment even if old friends have to go. I dont know about getting Rendon, but Cole is a must. let 2 of Urias, May, or Gonsolin start. Dont trade Josiah Gray or Jeter Downs, let them develop. Find out about Keibert Ruiz before you decide to move him, dont forget Cartaya is only 18. Move Joc and other guys who have hit their plateau, move Seager for Lindor… Find a closer in waiting in the minors or though trade, make him the set up guy at the start of the season. things must change in order to get a different result. And Doc needs to not rely solely on analytics. while number are numbers, the game isnt played on a PC. Trust your gut Doc, or at least have some while you’re managing MY team.

  4. We.need a new manager..that will be the best solution to poor end of the back Tommy lasorda.

  5. “Will the Dodgers land Anthony Rendon or Gerrit Cole? How about Francisco Lindor or Mookie Betts via trade? Only time will tell, but using recent history as a roadmap might be the best way to approach it as a fan.”
    So the answer to this above question posed here is most likely a big NO!

  6. Get Mookie to agree to an extension and give Boston Bellinger,Seager and a Prospect for him!! Start ridding yourself from Playoff Dave Winfields!

    1. Yes! Throw in Gavin Lux too if that’s what it takes to make the deal for Mookie.

      I would also one-up that trade by offering Walker Buehler, Tony Gonsolin, and Dustin May to the Mets for Jacob DeGrom.

      Mookie & DeGrom will bring back the Championship to LA next year!

  7. Weak playoff roster and that’s all that matters. Enjoy 100 meaningless wins though

    1. This is what happens when you have this type of ownership AND a carnival barker in charge. Get almost 4Mill fans,get the huge TV deal, dominate a weak division, Stay UNDER the Luxury TAX, and wait another 3 Decades to win a World Series!!!! DISGRACEFUL…but who cares so long as the VALUE of the Franchise keeps multiplying!!!

  8. Couple priorities for me this off season would be: 1- another dominant, young pitcher; and 2- transform the way we approach hitting and become less reliant on power, and more balanced (righty vs lefty).

    Thinking outside the box here…we could solve that in one move with the Indians. Dodgers get: Francisco Lindor and Shane Bieber. Indians get: Corey Seager, Joe Pederson, Kiebert Ruiz, DJ Peters (or another top prospect) and cash.

    Big hull, but tremendous upside for the Dodgers for years to come. A rotation or Buehler, Bieber, Ryu, Kershaw and May would be formidable. Put Maeda in the bullpen as a closer/setup man and don’t resign Rich Hill.

    Lineup: Lindor, Verdugo, Bellinger, Turner, Muncy, Pollock, Lux, Smith

    1. To get Lindor the Indians would want Cody Bellinger or there’s no deal. I would give them Bellinger, Seager, Pederson, Ruiz, DJ Peters, and Gavin Lux. I’m with you on this, Friedman must do whatever it takes to land Lindor.

        1. LOL above Matt said he’d give Buehler, Gonsolin and May up for DeGrom. And here he’s saying he’d give up Bellinger, Seager, Pederson, Ruiz, DJ Peters and Gavin Lux for Lindor. So, let me make sure I have this right.

          We get:
          DeGrom and Lindor

          We give:
          Bellinger, Seager, Pederson, Ruiz, DJ Peters, Gavin Lux, Buehler, Gonsolin and May

  9. Shell out for Gerrit Cole and a star reliever and let Kershaw go when his contract is done. We can’t afford Kershaw’s choking and Roberts’ bizarre pitching decisions in the playoffs yet again.

    1. Tell me the last time a team shelled out money for the top free agent and then won the following year. It doesn’t happen…it’s not a recipe for winning. Look at Bryce Harper and the Phillies just last year…Darvish the year before that. We should look at trades to make our team better, not making a splash in free agency.

  10. Get Betts – even it’s for 1 year – because he’s a generational player and Wheeler because he has Cole-like potential that’s worth the risk. Forget everyone else.

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