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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Has No Issue With Being Replaced in LA

The Dodgers will welcome a familiar face back to the Ravine tonight. Kenley Jansen spent a decade as their closer, locking down games and making a name for himself as one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. But this offseason, Kenley went out and signed a one-year deal with the Braves. 

Despite that, there does not seem to be any bad blood between Kenley and the Dodgers. He has praised them many times since his departure, even noting that Andrew Friedman did tell him they wanted to bring him back. But time was not on Los Angeles’ side, and he ended up in Atlanta. 

But even though the Dodgers went out and added Craig Kimbrel via trade, Jansen still has no hard feelings. In speaking with the LA Times’ Jorge Castillo, he spoke about their desire to win and what they would do to get there. He couldn’t knock that.

“I’m not mad. Why would I be mad? Knowing Andrew [Friedman], he does everything he can to help his team win a championship. Alex Anthopoulos is the same way. Andrew tried. I can’t be mad.”

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But don’t be fooled, Kenley still very much wants to be the Dodgers. The bad blood may not be there, but the desire to win a championship certainly is. And Los Angeles stands in the way of that for everyone. 

“Everyone wants to beat the Dodgers. Now I’m on the other side, of course I want to beat them, as much as I love them. That organization will be, for the rest of my life, in my heart. But now that you’re on the other side, you want to beat them.”

It will be interesting to see how Dodgers fans welcome Kenley into the stadium on Monday night. Sure, he gave them plenty of years and a whole lot of success. But his time in Los Angeles didn’t exactly end on a good note. 

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  1. Kenley was a great Dodger. He’s a lot like Dr dave in the sense that he was a incredible regular season pitcher, then in the tightest moments in post season he was Not so incredible….

    1. that was because roberts ran him into the ground like an idiot. but last year dave really went overboard and tried to destroy the careers of the entire pitching staff. thats when he earned the deserved moniker”the clown”.then the dodgers decided to resign him anyway and pretend hes the real deal to irritate the few fans who have any reasoning ability. the other question is he actually making 6.5 million a year as i thought i read in a news report a few weeks back? if he is that means hes probably getting paid way more than any other manager and hes undeserving and cannot handle the post . why is that?

  2. To answer your question Mike, because he’s a lot like the leaders in the past at high positions that were put in place because of their skin color and not their abilities to do the job. Affirmative action is pushed 100% at all times now especially in L.A. Raheem Morris for example from the Rams didn’t get a H.C. position this off season. So, Mcvay Immediately states it’s because he’s being looked over because of his skin and not his abilities. These Front offices and owners still have the ability to hire the Most qualified, but since L.A. has turned into Sacramento central, you’ll never see another Coach Manager of the Lakers-Rams-Dodgers unless they are of color, Gender, etc. It’s the New Normal that will cost the Dodgers multiple titles no matter what they spend. The Rams have the right guy, the Lakers don’t, and the dodgers don’t. until that changes, we will get unqualified leaders like “Dr Dave”

    1. jansen said something about leaving months ago because some of the fans were booing him which i thought was way out of line. he was overly sensitive about it but not every fan felt that way. he just bolted too early and the dodgers lost a great closer that they had successfully redeveloped. thats what happens when you dont stay on top of your game strategically. the dodgers are still reeling from that debacle last year when they tried to send all their main players to the i.l. permanently. intentionally or not thats what happened as they carried on with reckless abandon. and there is exceptionally strong evidence in that regard. mookies hip rounding the bases trying to push himself beyond 100% speed early in the 2021 campaign. with the long season(s) you dont want to run your engines that hard so early in the season and burn yourselves out. its not logical. then theres buehlers and urias’s arms and velocity dips. thats evidence of something. and you have to notice that stuff or if you dont theres no way to sugar coat it. youre inept. well we all are. its okay. but in the spirit of the game you must bring your play up in this universe or youre more than likely to become one of the solutions to the so called fermi paradox. which is extinctsion as a species. maybe its unavoidable. but theres no good reason to hasten it. also look at treinan’s recent trip to the i.l. and after the dodgers ran jansen so hard last year it may have been easier to let him go if there was concern about him breaking down this year after the load they put on his shoulders last season. so its in the rearview mirror now. dave also kept kershaw in claytons second start too long. he doesnt have to reach 80 pitches like its a set plan. you have to recognize where a players aura is at and what sort of energy level theyre at. and youve gotta measure the situation and adjust the game plan. throw the book out and play the game. your man has alot of wear and tear along with a massive career innings accumulation and you should be able to read the situation by the way the sweat was on his forehead and the type of tiredness signals he was giving off which indicated clearly that you better be more careful with kershaw or you risk sending him to the i.l. permanently because your strategical abilities are lacking and need serious attention.

  3. Roberts is a great himan. He is a good manager who has room to improve the way he handles pitchers. With all the division titles, the handful of pennants and the WS ring, he earned the contract extension, But not $6.5 million a season.

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