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Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Responds to Fans Booing Him During His Outing

It’s not often that a Dodgers player gets booed while at home in Dodger Stadium. In fact, the last time I can remember it being obvious was with Pedro Baez. And to be fair he sort of deserved it at the time said booing.

But the boo birds came out strong in the 9th inning of the Dodgers’ win over the Rockies with Kenley Jansen on the mound. A leadoff walk led to a chorus of booing that reigned down from the top deck of Chavez Ravine like sharp pieces of hail. 

To say that Kenley has been on the hot seat to start the season would be an understatement. So when he brought the tying run to the plate in the 9th, Dodgers fans let him know they weren’t happy. Kenley spoke about those fans after the game. 

I ain’t perfect, I’m trying to win a ballgame. I don’t want to come in walking guys you know? That’s not what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to win games, we all want to win here. So to me, that’s just nonsense, it’s noise. I’m going to continue to work my ass off and help the Dodgers win a championship. 

Kenley eventually struck out the side and locked out the side in a dominant fashion after the walk. And the Dodgers closer did it while looking VERY angry. He was blowing 94 mph+ cutters past batters and making it look easy. 

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Dodgers fans later responded on social media saying they thought that the umpires were being booed. But regardless, Kenley Jansen seems to think they were aimed at him. But even with the blown save in Oakland this year, Kenley’s numbers are difficult to argue with. 

The addition and dominance of someone like Corey Knebel does make it a little easier to keep him on the hot seat in his contract year. 

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  1. The boos were aimed at him and it’s shameful. This is a tough spoiled crowd that will turn on dime to anyone on the team.

    1. On a dime? Not hardly. If anything the Dodger fan has shown incredible patience considering KJ obvious decline. Yes. He has had two games she he performed up to expectations. But, when everyone witnesses a great athlete begin to show signs of his age, it’s frustrating to see the manager, Dave Robert’s, keep going to him in critical points in a game and then proceed to blow it. Fans have the right to see the best put into the game that gives the team the best chance at winning it. They spend not only their money, but, their time as well. They have spent the last few years seeing KJ slowly decline in his performance. Fans aren’t going to be quick to citrine and forget because he’s had two saves in the last week. Soak to us at the end of the season and see if he’s got his old MOJO back.

      But, to say the fans turned on a dime and began shooting their displeasure when Roberts kept going to KJ in the ninth inning when he hasn’t shown any kind of his old domlnance is really being disingenuous.

  2. I think that booing any player in his home park is boorish behavior and demeans every one involved. Which is one reason why I think the fans in Philly are the worst in professional sports. That said, my blood pressure did go up when Jansen walked the first batter. Unfortunately, that’s where we are these days. And if that made Jansen angry enough to ramp his cutter back up to 93 then that’s not necessarily a bad thing,.

  3. Can you say Primadona Kenley it’s time to show the fans what you have, when called upon as a closing reliefer if not then your roll will be a set up man for Graterol or Knuebal or Trienen.. Try pitching with attitude Dodger fans have seen to many blown saves in critical games over the past 3 seasons This more than likely will be your last year as a Dodger so show yourself that you deserve another 3 year contract worth another 60-70 Million .Demonstrate how great you can be when you take the mound for Dodger Blue this year. Go out on top and with class.

    1. Now it’s time? The previous 10 seasons were meaningless, but now it’s time?

      Tough crowd these internet tough guys.

    2. I think he has more than demonstrated who and what he is, maybe not HOF numbers but pretty much in the b Giants but and let the man ,am alone. Most saves in Dodgers History so go back to sniffing Giants butts

  4. Jansen has just been Jansen. No one can look at his history and say he hasn’t done his share of work to make the Dodgers what they are today. The fans want him to always strike out every batter he faces and top Mariano Rivera’s performance. Won’t happen. Respect what you have.

  5. Kenley Jansen is one of the greatest Dodgers ever, and as nice a guy as they come.

    He is the all-time Dodger leader in Saves (315, no one else is even close!), Fewest Hits per 9 IP (well ahead of Koufax and Kershaw!), Strikeouts per 9 IP (again, well ahead of Gagne, Koufax and Kershaw!), and several more impressive categories.

    Anyone that would boo him is a bum that knows nothing. I do admit though, I have booed Dave Roberts for using him in games with too thin of a lead, since his velocity has diminished. Nothing lasts forever.

  6. If Kenley says he Wants to WIN. Then He can Back up his words by putting his EGO in the backseat & letting someone else Close out the game. Because it’s All about getting The Win – Right??

    Love Ya Kenley, but Your Time is over as THE Closer.

  7. He looked awesome against those last three hitters, but lets be real, he has not looked that good in while. If he pitches like that no one is going to boo him.

  8. First off, the fans weren’t booing the umpire, they were booing Jansen. Probably because Knebel go the side out with 6 pitches in the prior inning. Secondly, it is unusual for LA fans to boo there own players. But it’s common in other places. Watch a game in Philly some time. These guys used to boo Mike Schmidt, who was best third baseman I’ve ever seen. Thirdly, the booing was not just about one walk. It was about Jansen’s decline over the past 4 years as well. Do I think the booing was OK? Maybe. Maybe not. Do I understand it? Yes.

  9. Good reporting, thanks for the updates! My opinion Kenley has got to go! The Dodgers have run the course with him. If he pitches at all it should be middle relief only ,1 maybe 2 batters tops. Keep up the good work. Go Dodgers!

  10. 94 MPH cutting away from the batter is really hard to hit. It looks like the old Jansen to me………at least so far!

  11. Rather directed at umps or Jansen. The booing was a sad-second compared to back east. There they take serious in letting a player know what’s on their mind.

  12. Jansen doesn’t deserve boos at Dodger Stadium. However, Padres fans had to love his wild pitch and blown save in game one at Petco Park. If Jansen wants to remain the closer, he needs to prove it!!!

  13. Kenley is not the first pitcher needing to make an adjustment to stay on top of his game. I’m not a pitching coach so I don’t know what that is. I suspect he needs a pitch that looks like his cutter but isn’ a real nasty slider perhaps. I know he already throws a slider but it doesn’t seem to complement his cutter well enough. Probably not enough speed differential between the two.
    We/ve got Kenable, Jansen and potentially Price or Gonzalez to close games with Graterol and Treinin to set it up. Wise use of those 5 guys should work. Roberts has to spread the workload around, so we can’t expect him to roll out the “best” guy to close every game.
    I do sincerely wish Jansen would come closer to the strike zone with his pitches when he is ahead in the count. He’s not fooling anybody with his outside sucker pitches.
    Just my humble opinion.

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